San Fernando High School Health Fair - ONE®

San Fernando High School Health Fair

The San Fernando High School Health Fair in California is an event hosted annually to provide resources and education to high school students about the health and wellness programs available to them.

One of the tables at the fair this year was focused on Condom Facts. They used two penis models and male condoms to demonstrate how to properly put on a condom, and students were then able to practice on the model themselves. Students were able to successfully demonstrate how to put on condoms and many times brought a friend to go through the steps together. This table helped normalize the conversation about safer sex, educate students about common misconceptions, and provide them with the tools to practice safer sex. 

Our team at ONE® is so proud of the students, volunteers, and staff who helped create this space for condom education. Students deserve access to resources and information about safer sex and sexuality, so that they can make healthy decisions when it comes to their health. Together we can help end the silence and stigma that still often surrounds conversations about safer sex.


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