Art of ONE

You live your life in full color, and we do too. Artists and designers are the heart and soul of ONE. We’re proud to celebrate self-expression in new and unexpected ways by partnering with artists from around the world to spark conversations about sexual health.

“My condom design might seem like just a tiny piece of art, but it spreads a huge message of awareness, and that’s what’s important to me.”

You don’t put art in a drawer. You leave it out to start a conversation.

Hundreds of wrappers, designed by YOU.

We’ve always believed that art on condom wrappers sparks a conversation, and makes them easier (and way more fun!) to talk about. Since 2004, we’ve hosted the Design ONE Contest to encourage everyone to become the next Rembrandt of Rubber. It’s all part of starting condom conversations through art, one wrapper design at a time.

Special Edition Collections

From Portugal and Malaysia to Ecuador and Indonesia, we partner with artists from around the world on special edition condom collections. Check out some collections below, and see more designs in our gallery.

Artist Collection

“If only one person is inspired to use the Artist Collection condoms and prevent one STI, then this is the most important artistic commission I’ve ever done.” - Paul Thomas

“Let me tell you: It was super fun! First time I got involved in anything related to condoms design and I had a hell of a time! But also, on a more serious side, I am happy to have done my bit to raise awareness for a better sexual life.” - Okuda San Miguel

Urban Collection

“It’s important for artists to partner with innovative brands and ONE is de­nitely that! Working on the Urban Collection was a very cool project and a great idea.” - Dwayne “Dubelyoo” Wright

“Street art allows graffti artists to reach more audiences than ever before, so it’s up to us to spread the word that STIs are still at an all-time high. It’s important that we continue to make art that reminds our friends, our community, and the public of this epidemic.” - Toofly

MSM Collection

“What better way to promote safe sex around the world than to turn condom wrappers into literal works of art?!”- Mark Leeming, United Kingdom

“ONE really heightens awareness of protection methods that can help keep our communities safe. I was flattered to be included among the wide variety of artists whose work is on the face of their MSM Collection condoms. - Jose Silva

Tom of Finland Collection

These special edition condoms were the result of a unique collaboration with Tom of Finland Foundation. “The ONE brand shares the Foundation’s commitment to promoting healthier attitudes about sexuality,” said Durk Dehner, “Tom of Finland was dubbed ‘the Michelangelo of safe sex,’ promoting sexual health, particularly among gay men.”

Canada Collection

"Sex is supposed to be fun, so we might as well make the protection fun too! Designing a condom wrapper defnitely wasn't my first thought when I decided to take graphic design in college, but what a conversation piece this will be down the road! Have fun out there and don't forget to protect your equipment!" -Kristen Woodfine

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Campaigns & Programs

We’re commited to sex education, and inspired by art every day. That’s why our team is always cooking up new ideas on how to infuse our favorite things: art and education. It’s all part of our mission to reduce stigma and make sex easier (and more fun!) to talk about.

Project CONDOM

Imagine going to a fashion show where all the garments are made out of condoms? That’s what Project CONDOM is all about. We help organizations and schools host condom fashion shows. It’s all part of our mission to get people talking about sexual health in a creative way.

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ONE Makes a DIFFArence

In 2017, ONE® collaborated with DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS to establish ONE® Makes a DIFFArence, an educational program in which professional and student artists created original works of art.

"This collaboration highlighted to us ONE's commitment to having young people tell their own stories, and feel empowered about their bodies and sexual health.” - Aruna Krishnakuma

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Lust for Life

In 2015, our Lust for Life campaign brought together artists, health activists, community leaders, and the public together to raise HIV awareness and education through art. We provided 22 New York City street artists with regulation STOP signs, which they transformed into powerful works of art. The proceeds were donated to HIV outreach, and 8 designs are now in the Urban Collection.

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Wynwood Walls

In 2018, ONE partnered with renowned street artists whose work has covered the Wynwood Walls—the largest outdoor, contemporary, art venue in the U.S. Not only did the Fab 5 bring world-class, graffti art to Florida’s “Museum of the Streets” and to the Art Basel Miami community, but to our ONE Condoms, as well. Their designs are now featured in our Artist Collection.

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ONE® is the official condom of New York City! In 2018, we worked together with the health department on ARTCondomNYC, a limited-edition series of NYC condom wrappers designed by contemporary artists. The first one features original art by the incredible David Attyah.

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Suit Up Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the city of angels. Back in 2010, ONE partnered with Los Angeles County to develop “LA’s Next Sex Symbol,” a public awareness campaign to develop a series of condom wrapper designs representing Los Angeles. And naturally, we did it through a condom wrapper design contest - to encourage everyone in LA to spark a condom conversation. Based on the success of the program, the contest was repeated in 2016.

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Get it on Toronto

In 2015, ONE partnered with the City of Toronto to develop a series of condom wrappers in support of the Pan Am games. In 2016, the City of Toronto launched a wrapper design contest to select the official Toronto ONE condom

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