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ONE® Community All-Stars

For over a decade, the ONE® Design Contest has given artists and advocates a platform to express their views on sexual health. During that time, ONE has received more than 20,000 entries and more than 30 million votes. Winning designs are featured on our signature, round condom wrappers.

To celebrate, we reached out to some of the most talented artists in our ONE community to participate in the ONE® All-Star Round. We asked them to create new works of art to grace our condom wrappers, and boy did they deliver!

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These 9 All-Star artists not only dug deep to create new designs from scratch, but also encouraged their fans to go vote for their fave designs.

For each click on a design, we donated 2 condoms to the artists’ health organizations of choice. When all was said and done, that totaled more than 21,000 condoms donated to organizations from as near as our fair city of Boston to as far away as Greece and South Africa!

Throughout the project, we also partnered with Brock University when they hosted an STI testing event for students. All-Star artist Lorenzo Calcagno is an alumni at the university, so he chose Brock to be his benefit organization. At the testing event, the organizers printed posters featuring Lorenzo’s design and asked students to vote. The partnership helped Lorenzo's design gain hundreds of votes, resulting in 5,048 condoms being donated to the university! We're thankful to our partner PAMCO Distributing in Canada for their support. 

“Humor takes the edge off just about anything,” All-Star artist Leila Singleton said. “Safe sex is still an uncomfortable subject for many people, but it doesn’t have to be. If something as simple as an amusing illustration on a condom wrapper makes the subject easier to broach for even one person, that would be a great victory!” Read more about the All-Star Round, featured in outlets such as 7X7 and The E'ville Eye



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