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Lights, camera, condoms! Project CONDOM at Denmark-Olar High School

In South Carolina, Denmark-Olar High School Peer Educator’s Program was founded in 1995 with the leadership of Mrs. Michelle Nimmons, who envisioned a healthier community for Bamberg County teens. This year marked the 21st year for the Peer Educator Program—and we were excited to partner to host a Project CONDOM fashion show!

The purpose of the Peer Educator’s Program is to provide teens with accurate and factual information on a variety of teen health concerns, including reproductive health and sexuality. The goal is also to increase teenagers' self-confidence and encourage family communication while offering a rewarding learning experience for the Peer Educators.

Because our team at ONE is dedicated to starting condom conversations in fun, educational and colorful ways, we were excited to partner with Denmark-Olar for their Project CONDOM fashion show. Project CONDOM aims to raise awareness about the importance of condom usage, start conversations about safer sex, and break down social stigmas. Students divide into teams and use their creativity to design garments made out of condoms.

Check out the amazing fashion that the super star students of Denmark-Olar High School created for their fashion show!

Thank you Denmark-Olar Peer Educators for your dedication to promoting healthy sexuality!

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