FIT Condom Bar and Lounge - ONE®

FIT Condom Bar and Lounge

FIT - Condom Bar and Lounge is an annual event hosted by the Residential Life Department with the assistance of the Residence Hall Community Council at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). The event is about 6 years in the working and has grown to a program that hosts between 400-500 students and staff. 

The organizers promote safer sex in an environment that students feel comfortable in by making it like a party. Friends, roommates, and significant others come together and enjoy educational games, a DJ, and a ton of ONE condoms. Other things included for the participants are Rapid HIV testing (which started this year), a community aspect that spans outside of FIT, as well as a raffle. The students work with their LGBTQ+ advisor to make sure everyone is included at this event, and no one is left out. 

The Condom Bar and Lounge this year was a huge success with about a little over 400 students! 

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