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World AIDS Day at Bentley University!

On December 1, 2015, for World AIDS Day, our team at ONE was excited to support Bentley University’s efforts to educate and raise awareness!

Earlier in 2015, ONE’s Street Art campaign brought together 22 celebrated New York City street artists who wanted to use their talents to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS. The artists repurposed ordinary traffic STOP signs into powerful works of art, and became safer sex advocates in their communities.

At Bentley University, we talked to students about the ONE Street Art campaign and distributed condoms and educational materials.

Then we watched as the students worked in teams to create their own art on real STOP signs. Together they thought of messages for the STOP signs, then put their creativity to work!

Throughout the day, students also came to our table to sign ribbons with messages of awareness and encouragement, and placed them on the tree. 

We're so honored and thankful to have been a part of the World AIDS Day activities. We look forward to collaborating with Bentley and schools across the country to start open conversations about safer sex and empower people to create art to raise awareness!    

 Visit the Center for Health & Wellness on campus for HIV and STI testing, resources & information!   


 See more photos here.



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