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George Mason University: Project Condom Fashion Show

Lights, Camera, Action, Condoms! Project CONDOM is one of our many initiatives to help start conversations about safer sex and condoms in fun and interesting ways. Students, advocates, or organizations host a condom fashion show where all the garments are made out of—you guessed it—condoms.

On December 11, 2015, George Mason University hosted The Evolution of HIV/AIDS Awareness Fashion Show. The show featured style, music and education. Students and faculty banded together to break down stigma and raise awareness.

With over one thousand people attending this event and twenty different condom outfits, the event was an incredible success. We’re so proud of these kickass students and their dedication to promoting healthy sexuality.

Check out the incredible garments below. Which is your favorite ONE?


Ready to host your own Project CONDOM? Apply here.

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