Advocating for Sexual Health at Cape Pride - ONE®

Advocating for Sexual Health at Cape Pride

ONE® loves our advocates across the country, who are standing up for sexual health.

Guest blog post by Momentum advocate Angela Lauren Ward

When I found out my local community was finally having our own Cape Pride Festival this year, for the first time, I jumped at the opportunity to involve ONE.

I took a bunch of fun designed condoms, exciting condom necklaces, bunches and bunches of lube samples, stickers to tell everyone about the Design Contest, and samples of ONE's new UltraFeel condoms. I also made sure to bring ONE's Pride themed condoms, too!

Within the first hour, all the condom necklaces were gone, including the one I had grabbed for myself! Next the UltraFeel condoms went pretty fast. Everyone was super excited to try something new!

The table went over very well and I can't wait for the possibility of next year! I had a great time spending the day talking about my favorite brand and lots of great input. I'm very thankful for the chance to be an active part of my community and that I got to take ONE with me! ♡♡♡





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