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Advocating for Sexual Health in Kansas, Momentum-Style!

ONE® is proud to partner with artists, advocates and our customers to inspire conversations about sexual health in fun and creative ways. Here's a story about an amazing sexual health advocate in Kansas, who is also part of our Momentum program. Read on:

I contacted the people at ONE in an effort to promote safer sex in my area, and more specifically in my high school. I've heard numerous stories of fellow students having unprotected sex, and a few of those stories leading to teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, etc.

Because my state teaches abstinence-only education, I felt that I could play a part in bringing education and resources to my community. I emailed the people at ONE, and I was very pleasantly surprised! Not only was the individual whom I talked to extremely helpful and friendly, but on top of that, the ONE company sent me a box containing condoms, as well as informational pamphlets, use leaflets, and a hand written card!

It seems that the people at ONE find safer sex promotion just as important of a cause as I do. I started handing these out at my school to friends in need, and the word quickly spread. Many people (some of whom I didn't even know) came up to me asking for protection, and I was more than happy to help. I feel that every school should include a way for students to obtain condoms, dental dams, lubricant, and other sexual health supplies — without the embarrassment of having to confront an adult.

I posted a little bit of this mission on Twitter @TATP&STI's but there isn't much there that's not mentioned here. A huge shout out is deserved for the people at ONE, who helped me through this entire mission. I could not have done it without them, and because of them, my school is now a safer, more protected, and more aware place. 

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