Black Nurses Rock and ONE partnering to promote sexual health & condom use - ONE®

Black Nurses Rock and ONE partnering to promote sexual health & condom use

Our team at ONE is excited to be partnering Black Nurses Rock chapters across the country! The organization has a mission to inspire and empower innovative leaders that will serve and educate vulnerable communities.

The Baton Rouge Chapter of Black Nurses Rock conducted an HIV awareness community outreach project for the greater Baton Rouge Community. As we know, Baton Rouge still has one of the highest rates of HIV and AIDS in the country according to the CDC. In efforts to make this a welcoming event to the college students, the Baton Rouge Chapter engaged patrons of the community through our "Pep up with PrEP" campaign. In preparation, chapter members were educated by one the communities best and pioneering HIV/HCV medical providers, Dr. Byron Jasper, who educated the team on current medical practices, treatment and medications to prevent and treat HIV with the use of PrEP. They also partnered with Leah Cullins, DNP, who supplied 1-minute HIV testing kits and educated us on how to properly test patrons. The chapter members were able to tailgate with the community and educate on preventative methods to prevent exposure to HIV.

"The atmosphere was beautiful and the community really embraced the efforts of the Black Nurses Rock Baton Rouge Chapter and we have ONE to thank. We look forward to continuing our partnership with such an amazing and supportive organization," said Takara Butler, BSN, RN, Vice-President of Black Nurses Rock, BR Chapter.

In addition, ONE staff attended the inaugural Black Nurses Rock Conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee in October 2016. Together we brainstormed ideas how we can educate and empower communities to take charge of their sexual health. 

Thank you Black Nurses Rock! 




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