Caribbean Nights Series Brings Safer Sex Education Through Music - ONE®

Caribbean Nights Series Brings Safer Sex Education Through Music

ONE® is proud to support and partner with artists of all kinds to inspire sexual health advocacy. The Caribbean Nights Series is an incredible forum and multimedia event enabling Caribbean Voices and Music to be heard. The Series has brought in talent who stormed the stage and shook the house from Trinidad, Grenada, St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), Barbados, Montserrat, Haiti, Belize, Honduras, and more. Each artist also promotes sexual health through condom distribution at the events!

As part of the Series, each show includes a video presentation of the featured artist's homeland, special announcements, an interview with the artist, performances, after show Free Door Prize drawings, and a meet and greet.

The most recent event was held October 12th, 2018, with the Caribbean Nights Series presenting a unique and eclectic evening of Reggae, Jazz, R&B, Rap and Dance. It was a non-stop night of smokin' hot performances with artists including Lady Loe, Let's Get it Entertainment, Lori Nebo and DJ Nukid. Repeat performers have included, but are not limited to, the founding artists MaddZart (SVG) and Wayne Commissiong (SVG), followed by Hymm Legendary (SVG), Panchan (Honduras), Smax Music (Haiti), Alex Colon (Belize), Owusu Slater (SVG), James Lovell (SVG), Grey Man (Trinidad), Autarchii (Jamaica) and so many more.

Bringing together the artists is Salli Squitieri's Productions, which also incorporated a "Safe Sex Campaign” as part of the Series. The campaign focused on a message of ”Have Fun, Be Safe Be, Protected," a message our team at ONE was excited to partner with. Each show is infused with fun and unique ways to distribute ONE products via skits, comedy, stage gatherings of artists, photo shoots, prizes and 'toss outs' to audience. 

We love seeing this creative vision bring safer sex education and messaging through music. Thank you to all the amazing artists and for Salli for creating this incredible campaign!


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