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Creative Students at Lambton College Spark Funny Conversations About Condom Use

Here at ONE®, we'd like to highlight a group of incredible students who partnered up with ONE Condoms as a part of a marketing project.

In favor of World Orgasm Day, a team of 5 students from Lambton College took on the courage to assemble a surprise campaign on campus. Once they received the ok from their professor and additional support from their peers, they went to their Wellness Center. With the help of the staff, the group received some free ONE Condom samples.

These students wanted to see how their campus reacted to condoms. They placed the sample condoms in a bag and asked their peers to describe what was in it. The catch was that those who participated did not know what was in the bag until the activity was over. The team was amazed by the reactions of other students. Though it was great fun with a lot of laughs, they also learned a lot from putting the campaign together.

Team member Rakshitha Kulkarni said their "main goal was to make people feel comfortable and talk about condoms easily, we tried to have a small campaign to spread awareness about condoms. To my surprise, it was a great success wherein we could capture the reaction of various types of people about the usage of condoms."

ONE Condoms was delighted to hear that we were a perfect fit for their campaign. These students are making strides to destigmatize the shame associated with sex by stripping the awkwardness when discussing condom usage. ONE is happy to welcome Fiyona, Camila, Ginny, Mandeep & Rakshitha to Team ONE Condoms!

This team started this as a marketing project, but today "we feel that we are proud members of the team ONE Condoms. Our teacher was proud of our efforts and so I thought of sharing this video with you," said Fiyona D'cunha. ONE is thankful for their efforts and thrilled to see our team grow.

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