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Dartmouth Celebrates Safer Sex with Project CONDOM

This spring, ONE® partnered with Dartmouth College to host the University's first ever Project CONDOM, as well as a variety of other sexual health-focused events. Tong Fei, Dartmouth's Healthy Relationships and Sexual Health Specialist and organizer for this year's event reached out to us this summer, recapping her team's active spring term.

According to Fei, Project CONDOM or 'Condomania' was held in collaboration with 'Collis After Dark' who puts on events every Friday from 10 pm to 2 am for students. Four teams participated in the competition, which required participants to build garments out of condoms donated by ONE® within a period of just three hours before a 'runway showcase' at midnight.

Members of the audience got creative with their votes, using ONE® glow-in-the-dark condoms as voting tokens for their favorite designs. To top off the evening, Fei and her team hired a local cake artist to make colorful condom cupcakes for the event, which were quickly devoured by the audience. 

In addition to hosting Project CONDOM, Fei also organized a handful of 'Happy Hour' events where she and Dartmouth's primary care provider met with campus fraternity, sorority, gender-inclusive houses, dorms, etc. to provide educational conversations and offer free STI screening.


Fei and her colleague also used 'Happy Hours' as opportunities to educate students about myONE® Perfect Fit condoms, 60 sizes of condoms that were launched in the U.S. in Summer 2017. For more information on myONE, check out our website!

Thank you to Tong Fei and her team for helping foster important conversations around condom use and safer sex. Our team at ONE® looks forward to continuing our partnership with Dartmouth in the future!


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