Exciting Updates to Momentum® - ONE®

Exciting Updates to Momentum®

ONE Condoms Momentum

September 26th, 2023, marks a special day for ONE® and all of our loyal customers! We’re known for coming up with some pretty wild innovations over the years when it comes to products and programs. And now, we’re excited to launch our brand new Momentum® customer rewards platform!

For those of you reading this that are thinking, “what’s going on, and what is Momentum®?” we’ll catch you up to speed.

We’re thankful to have such an incredible, loyal fan base. ONE® is passionate about giving people opportunities to engage in conversation and education about sexual health. Many years ago, we launched the Army of ONE, our very first customer engagement platform. In 2015, we renamed it to Momentum®. 

Momentum® “1.0" was our virtual, social integration platform for completing challenges, earning points, and redeeming them for free ONE® products and swag. Challenges included tasks like sending us a selfie with ONE, sharing a story about the first time purchasing condoms, or doing a focus group or product review. It’s all about starting conversations about condoms in a fun way – and earning free ONE Condoms & swag in the process! 

While the objective of our Momentum® “2.0” remains unchanged, the new platform is astronomically better. It’s much more visual, easy-to-use and mobile friendly! 

Does that sound interesting? We thought so. Here’s how it works: Sign up for a free account and get 250 points as a head start. Complete challenges, and watch those points start adding up! If you are already a Momentum user, log in with your existing Momentum® email address. Your points automatically migrated to the new platform.

A password reset will be required :) Questions or trouble logging in? We’re here to help, just email momentum@onecondoms.com

ONE Momentum: Complete Challenges, Earn Points!

Cash in those points for FREE ONE® products and swag! When you redeem a reward on the Momentum® hub,  you will receive a unique code with a link to the product you selected. The email will include a direct link to checkout, or you can head on over to onecondoms.com and put those points to good use. You can always access your reward by navigating to the “Rewards” tab within the hub, and clicking “My Rewards.” 

Connect your socials to your account and connect with other Momentum users!

Returning users, prepare to be wowed. To our new friends, get ready to sit on your booty for the foreseeable future answering all our challenges to collect points. ;) 

As always, we love to hear back from fans like you. Our goal is to always keep improving! Drop us a line at momentum@onecondoms.com

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