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Get Creative: ONE Epic Dorm Room DIY

Sprucing up your dorm room shouldn't cost as much as a semester's tuition. Upcycle ONE packaging for desk organization and wall decor. 

Desk Organizer


  • Empty ONE condom 50 bowl, 24-pack tube, & 12-pack tube
  • Heavy stuff (we used clear marbles)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Tape
  • A fake plant (or a real one if you're into that kind of responsibility)
  • Paper/Magazines/Markers

Step 1:

Download our templates (PDF)—inspired by designs in our Street Art Collection and pineapples (because why not). Or create designs for the 24-pack tube and the 50 bowl. Put your designs in the packaging. The insert for the 24-pack tube should be 9" x 4.5" and the insert for the bowl should be 14" x 3.75" (you may need to make two 7" long designs and tape them together).


Step 2:

Put your heavy things into the 12-pack tube and put the 24-pack tube on top. It fits perfectly and you don't even need to use tape to secure it. Place that inside the bowl.

Step 3:

Put your fake plant in the 24-pack tube and all of your messy desk items around it in the bowl and revel in the tidiness.

Step 4: Overachiever Level

If you feel so inclined, put that awesome desk organizer on a candle holder that you may or may not have found in the common room (candles are totally dorm room illegal anyway).


You could fill the bowl around the tube with soil from the quad and plant some succulents in the bottom and reserve the tube for your supplies. You could divide your supplies by favorites and keep the best in the top. It's up to you and the possibilities are pretty much endless. Even if you don't have all three packages on hand, you still have plenty of options.

Art Gallery Wall Decor

This piece will not only display your favorite works of condom wrapper art, but will come in handy next to your bed. Wink wink. 


  • Frame
  • String or wire
  • The cutest tiny little clothes pins
  • ONE Condoms

Step 1:

Acquire a frame. Ours was found in a second-hand store for 50 cents. You can cut one out from a box you used to move in and decoupage it. EveryONE loves decoupage.

Step 2:

Secure your string or wire to the back of the frame. We used a staple gun on this wooden frame. You can use regular staples in the back of your decoupage frame.

Step 3:

Hang your favorite ONE condoms from the string, with the cutest tiny little clothes pins. It's really that easy.

Advocate Uplevel and the RA Special

The only thing that can make this piece of decor better is if you win the Design Contest and hang wrappers with your own art. And if you really want to do your floor mates a solid, hang your frame on the door of your room.

GET INVOLVED: Check out these 10 ways how you can advocate for safer sex on your campus. Did someone say Condom Fashion Show? 

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