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Halloween & WVU Students for Reproductive Justice

Guest blog post written by Hazel Packtor.

Our organization, West Virginia University Students for Reproductive Justice, was invited to table at an event called “Spook the Sexperts.” The event was all about educating people about sex. Those who attended were able to ask a question anonymously to a panel of experts.

There were also games where the participants could win prizes! One of the games was guessing how many condoms were in a jar. Another was a condom relay with teams of three people. The first person had to put an internal condom on a punchbag balloon. The second person had to make a dental dam out of an unlubricated condom, and the third person had to put a condom onto the baton (which was shaped like a penis).  

For the event, our organization decided to make Halloween goodie bags to continue the Halloween theme of the event. The goodie bags contained condoms, a guide on how to properly put on a condom, candy, chapstick, and stickers. The donation from ONE Condoms was extremely helpful for this project because we were able to use their condoms in the goodie bags. We made and distributed about 70 of them, which means we passed out over 200 condoms at this event!

Overall, the event was a huge success! A few of our members participated by asking questions and playing the games; they said they learned a lot and had a lot of fun!

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