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ONE® Advocating for Safer Sex with

Here at ONE®, we’re all about innovative sexual health resources, like!

We were delighted to partner with iknowmine, a program run by the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) HIV/STD Prevention Program to help support Alaskan youth to live healthy lives. The mission of iknowmine is to provide truthful and accurate information that youth can trust in order for them to be in control of their own health.

One iknowmine staff member said, "Our rural communities in Alaska face unique challenges, specifically around access to health care, so providing free health materials to providers and individuals is a huge part of our work." Among various services, offers a free condom distribution service to anyone in Alaska. All they require is a valid mailing address. Another form of outreach is creating and distributing “safe sex kits” at events. These kits include ONE® Condoms, lube, bandaids, alcohol wipes, healthy relationship cards and information about the STI testing and texting services through All of these resources and services are available free of charge. 

The ONE® Team loves supporting the ANTHC in their vision of Alaska Native people being the healthiest in the world. Together We Are One.

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