It’s Gettin’ Cozy in Here:  Introducing the ONE® Dreamy Beanie - ONE®

It’s Gettin’ Cozy in Here: Introducing the ONE® Dreamy Beanie

At ONE® Condoms we spend most of our time thinking (and dreaming) about condoms and lubricant. So it was a nice change of pace for us to develop brand new ONE® merch so you can rep us in and out of the bedroom.

We are SO excited to introduce the ONE® Dreamy Beanie. It’s hat-tastic, beanie-licious, cap-tivating – and every other dad joke you can think of. While the jokes are bad, the beanie really is quite dreamy.

ONE® Dreamy Beanie

The Surprise that Winks at You

Not only do the beanies come in three different colors and are made from 100% recycled yarn, we’re also all about giving a splash of something extra. Each beanie has a satin label with a smiley that winks at you. Every time you pull on the ONE® Dreamy Beanie, you get a lil’ wink to start off your day.

ONE® Dreamy Beanie

Fits Like A Glove

It’s plush, it’s cozy, it’s everything you want in a beanie. And while we do have MyONE® Custom Fit™ Condoms with 52 condom sizes, the good news is the ONE® Dreamy Beanie fits most heads. No measuring required.

ONE® Dreamy Beanie

Different Ways to Use the Beanie

Take your beanie to the great outdoors on a hike, a skiing trip, or a trip to Costco. Snow work? No problem. Our ONE HQ is in Boston and we know a thing or two about the absolute chaos that is shoveling snow. With the ONE Dreamy Beanie, your snow chores in negative temps suddenly have a splash of sunshine. Wear the beanie to work, a date, or a party to show off your impeccable style. Make it into a nest for a small pet, or give it as a gift.


Talk Beanie to Me

What do you think of the ONE Dreamy Beanie? Do you have a sweet photo of you wearing the beanie? What other swag should we carry next? Send us a note at – we would love to hear from you.

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