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Southern Nevada's Gay and Lesbian Community Center Uses Condom Fashion to Promote Sexual Health

On April 13th, the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada's youth organization, QVolution, partnered with HIV Services and ONE® to host its very first "Condom Couture Fashion Show," otherwise known as Project CONDOM.

Planned in conjunction with STI Awareness Month, this year's show featured 15 colorful garments created by youth, parents, volunteers, and organized groups of all skill levels. Together, these teams utilized nearly 17,000 unwrapped condoms provided by our team at ONE® for the creation of their garments.

As a way to integrate audience members and participants, organizers led educational activities and games related to proper condom usage and sexual health during the show's intermission.

At the end of the show, a panel of three judges including Q100.5 mid-day radio host Natalia Hernandez voted on each design based on their originality, style, and complexity. Prizes were awarded to the team and individuals that tallied the most judges' votes.

According to event coordinator Tamara Griffin, 

"The Condom Couture Fashion Show was the first of its kind in the Las Vegas area, so the community did not really know what to expect! Nevertheless, the event received overwhelming support — and already [people] are talking about participating in and attending next year’s event."

Griffin explained that The Center was inspired to host Project CONDOM because it would serve as a way to bring together and educate the local community around topics related to safer sex in a "non-traditional and unique way."

"Fashion is about making a statement and showing individuality. The Center used the runaway as a platform to bring attention and light to National Youth HIV Awareness Day," Griffin noted.

Congratulations to all of those who participated in and planned this year's Project CONDOM! Our team at ONE® looks forward to partnering with The Center for future shows.

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