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Montana State University Promotes Safer Sex Through Project Condom

On September 25th, 2017 Montana State University Billings put on their first Project CONDOM event at their Petro Theater.

Our team here at ONE® collaborated with the MSU-Billings Student Health Services, Housing and Residential Life, and the Diversity Center to promote and destigmatize the necessary conversation about sexual health education.

In this year’s first event, eight creative designers and models made up of students and staff crafted multiple unique pieces. Their garments were made from the 8,000 unwrapped, non-lubricated, colored condoms ONE supplied.

In addition to the designed garments, MSU-Billings went even further to promote sexual health education by relaying empowering positive messages to their audience of 75 while introducing their designs on the runway as shown below:

“Women’s and Gender Studies is modeling a 'flapper style' dress and cape for the Women’s and Gender Studies Center. The center wants you all to be your own hero! Be informed and be safe! The Women’s and Gender Studies Center supports a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships – with knowledge about safer sex and consent. A sex positive culture celebrates diverse sexual identities and resists double standards for men and women. Don’t be embarrassed to say ‘condom'! Don’t be embarrassed to buy condoms! There is no shame in consensual sex! Be your own hero!”

At the end of the event three awards were given out to designers for Most Safe and Sexy, Most Complex, and People’s Choice garments.

The event even caught the attention of KTVQ local news who covered the event and got some great shots from the show and quotes from those involved. 

Congrats to MSU-Billings, and we cannot wait to collaborate with you in the future!
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