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NOTIMETOWAIT 2023 Conference Partnership

LetsStopAIDS hosted its annual NoTimeToWait conference, Canada's largest youth-HIV leadership event on October 20th and 21st with the purpose to equip participants with the leadership skills necessary to be in advocate in what you're passionate about.

“There was a record number of attendees, both from local schools and community organizations and this year, we facilitated the in-person attendance of youth based in Saskatchewan, the province with the highest HIV rates, providing them with the opportunity to come to Toronto and connect with fellow peers in the Youth-HIV advocacy space. All of the attendees were provided with leadership kits, filled with items to aid their participation in the event and resources such as ONE Condoms products. We want to thank all our generous supporters for helping bring to life such an important event.” -  said Tad Chmiel, Development Manager at LetsStopAIDS.

Our team at ONE Condoms was ecstatic to work with LetsStopAIDS again on such a great cause. We also partnered with our friends at Pamco Distributing to provide conference attendees with thousands of condoms.

Image of attendees at the 2023 NoTimeToWait conference

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