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ONE Condoms were featured on Grey’s Anatomy

As we were tuning into one of our favorite shows, we noticed ONE Condoms were featured in Grey’s Anatomy. Oh my! Season 19, Episode 3, “Let’s Talk About Sex,” published on October 30th. Watch it here; our favorite part starts at about 16 minutes in. 

Text that says ONE Condoms was featured on Grey's Anatomy TV show. Image of the doctor throwing condoms from a bowl.

The doctors are told they will be making social media videos informing teens about sexual health, and many of them are nervous. It’s a good look at how even medical professionals can sometimes get nervous when it comes to talking about sexual health. 

Initially, the doctors read from pamphlets and the students look like they are falling asleep. Facts on facts on facts. Yawn! 

But finally, they have a breakthrough by saying “Who wants to know where the clitoris is?” They talk about anatomy, and the inefficiency of the “pull out method.” Then they show how to use condoms on a banana (hello ONE!), and keep the teens laughing by (literally) throwing free condoms at them. 

After that, the students are very engaged in the conversation. “Does anyone have any questions?” the doctors ask. And sure enough, everyone’s hands go up! There’s also topics covered including consent, pleasure, and how porn does not represent sex in reality. Check out their sweet dance moves at the end (32 minutes in), too. 

When you make sexual health engaging, informative, and fun – we’re all for it. 

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