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ONE with Wynwood

ONE is thrilled to be partnering with Goldman Global Arts and Wynwood Walls, the open-air, curated, street-art gallery that is a key component of Art Basel Miami. This year’s theme – “FEAR LESS” – features work by 12 internationally-renowned and up-and-coming street-art muralists who hail from across the globe.

"This year, with everything going on in the world, I felt it appropriate to advocate a message of courage," said Jessica Goldman Srebnick, CEO of Goldman Properties and chief curator of art for the walls since 2012. "We're blessed and buoyed, too, by the support of ONE and our other partners, who enable us to spread positive messages of hope and inspiration – to embolden people to go out and live their everyday lives fearlessly."

The importance of self-expression and living life fearlessly is more poignant than ever, as Miami recently was named the nation's #2 HIV "hotspot," and Florida leads the nation in AIDS-related deaths.

 "For as long as HIV and AIDS have been persistent health problems, we have made it our focus to create products and institute programs that make it easier to learn about, talk about and practice safer sex," said Davin Wedel, president of ONE® Condoms. "Art plays a powerful role in improving people's lives, and reproducing original works of art on our condom wrappers sparks vital conversations about sexual health."  

ONE was honored to answer Goldman’s call to sponsor the event, and also donated T-shirts for the artists and hundreds of condoms from its Street Art Collection for the event’s swag bags. 

Mural at Wynwood Walls by David Choe, 2016

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