Safer Sex Education Meets Fashion in Philadelphia to Honor National Condom Month - ONE®

Safer Sex Education Meets Fashion in Philadelphia to Honor National Condom Month



In celebration of National Condom Month, ONE® partnered with Prevention is Key Consulting, LLC to host Project CONDOM. Prevention is Key Consulting, LLC is an inclusive and supportive sexual health business that provides education, training, and consultation services on sexual and reproductive health, HIV, AIDS, and STI/STD prevention.

This year's event "Prevention Meets Fashion" was organized by company owner, Nhakia Outland. Nhakia explains:


"The purpose of 'Prevention Meets Fashion' Condom Fashion Show was to gather community members, businesses, community organizations and students to make a bold statement using fashion made out of condoms to educate, de-stigmatize condoms, promote safe consensual sex and have an open discussion about sexual and reproductive health (SRH) as a strategy to decrease the high STI/STD rate in Philadelphia, PA.
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Prevention Meets Fashion Condom Fashion Show was very successful with the audience. Many did not know what to expect from a condom fashion show and Nhakia received a lot of backlash from the community about doing a show that involved condoms. But despite this, over 50 tickets were sold and numerous organizations tabled to get out a positive message around sexual health. We had 2 teams and 11 individuals walk the runway. Most of them were teens. Everyone that made a design received a ONE condom gift!"

Since the event, Nhakia says she has been getting calls about next year’s event, and was so excited to work with ONE! 

Our team at ONE® is grateful to have partnered with such a passionate organization, and we look forward to working with Prevention is Key Consulting, LLC in the future! 

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