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ONE® & Analicia from AMH Creative talk Product Photography

You don’t put art in a drawer. You leave it out to start a conversation. ONE® recently sat down with Analicia Hazelby, Owner & Photographer at AMH Creative. Analicia photographed ONE’s new packaging as a part of our rebranding this fall.

Photographing cylindrical packaging with a shiny metallic lid isn’t that easy, but Analicia was up for the challenge and captured ONE’s products in their most authentic form.

How did you get into photography?

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I was always really artistic when I was younger, and I actually started painting in high school. Growing up, art was never really a career path that I could consider. So I enrolled in Michigan Tech to study engineering. I realized that my passion didn’t lie in engineering, so I transferred to Northern Michigan University and enrolled in classes that aligned with my interests. I took a photography class with a friend who said, “Oh it seems like you really get this!” I clung to that comment and just went from there. I have always had a camera in my hand growing up, so photography felt like a natural fit.

What inspired you when you were shooting ONE’s Packaging?

ONE’s Packaging is bold and unique. I have never seen condoms with such distinctive packaging. The colors on the packaging stood out to me, especially the Tattoo Touch line.

What was the most challenging part of the photoshoot?

Capturing the lubricants was the most challenging part of the shoot. The lubricants were placed in front of a white background, but since lubricant is clear, it was tricky replicating that in the shots. Another challenging moment was capturing the tubes on an angle as they rolled around a lot. I ended up jerry-rigging the tubes with anything I could find and was able to perfect the look after the shoot.

What was the most fun part of the photoshoot?

ONE sent me some Custom Condoms® as a thank you for the shoot, and that for me was really fun and exciting. It’s difficult being creative with product photography, but I had fun experimenting with different lighting styles and working with the ONE team to determine what direction ONE was looking for.

Fun fact: Analicia’s favorite ONE® product to shoot was FlavorWaves as it reminded her of a lollipop.

Tell us more about your photography business!

I not only do product photography, I also do portraits, weddings, and other events. I am also a contract photo retoucher, where I make a product look as realistic as possible in the environment. I work to make the environment lighting reflect on the product in the most natural way. I also started video last year, which has been keeping me busy!

Tell us about your hobbies and passions!

I am the chapter leader for an environmental organization called Citizens’ Climate Lobby. I also love to ski, and just started as a high-school ski coach. At Citizens’ Climate Lobby, we are working to create a carbon fee and dividend, which would put a fee on any form of carbon at the source. As we move away from carbon, placing a fee will shift innovation towards more renewable energy sources.

Analicia was excited to hear that ONE’s new packaging is made out of recycled cardboard! Learn about our sustainability efforts, here.


Analicia Hazelby and AMH Creative can be found on Instagram and on their website.

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