Swipe Safe and ONE Collaborate to Promote Safer Sex on University Campus - ONE®

Swipe Safe and ONE Collaborate to Promote Safer Sex on University Campus

Guest blog post written by Vannica Svay, Co-Designer for Swipe Safe

Swipe Safe was a campaign created by designers, Jessica Acevedo, Lauren Chamberlain, Vannica Svay & Andrea Rea. We wanted to educate students on the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as it pertains to college & university students.

To reach our target audience we designed our deliverables as a spoof of the well known dating app Tinder, where we use goofy characters, comical tag-lines & bright colors to attract students to a topic which would otherwise be uncomfortable to approach.

The students of Cal State Dominguez responded well, participated in our games, which featured questions about various STIs and were given prizes based upon how many they answered correctly. The prizes included ONE condoms, "Ultimate Prize Bags" filled with ONE condoms and candy. They also included matchboxes that held a ONE condom inside, and a fact about STIs.

In addition, we were able to have over 70 students sign our pledge books that promised they would carry and use a condom, get tested at least once a year (multiple partners, every 3 months), and encourage their partners to get tested.

We were amazed at the response we got from students and their willingness to participate. ONE condoms made our event a tremendous success by donating condoms, which we were happy to pass out to our fellow students at CSUDH!

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