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ONE® x Sex & Self

Sex and Self is a Canadian friend of the ONE® brand. The organization is a Canadian non-profit that works to provide people with comprehensive sexual education seminars, workshops, events and resources. ONE® loves partnering up with advocates and organizations that are passionate about bringing sexual health education to their communities in creative ways. 

Every year McGill University in Montreal hosts an orientation event for Freshmen. The McGill Science Frosh allows freshmen to connect with each other and organizations on campus. ONE® partnered up with Sex and Self to sponsor the event for students. 

Numerous pictures of college students attending a school welcome fair learning about sex education.

ONE® was proud to partner with Felicia Gisondi, the representative for Sex and Self at the McGill Frosh booth. Over 200 students attended and participated in “Two truths and a lie: Sex Edition.” Students were challenged with common misconceptions and other sex facts to learn safe and consensual practices. One specific example was about consent under the influence. Gisondi educated students about the importance of consent and brought to light how consent can only be given while sober. 

Have an idea how to bring sexual health education to your community? Tell us about it!
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