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'Sextravaganza' Hosts Project CONDOM at UCLA's Sex Week

As a new season of Project CONDOMs quickly approaches, our team at ONE® wanted to take the opportunity to highlight one final Project CONDOM from this past spring. In April, ONE® partnered with 'Sextravaganza' to host Project CONDOM during Sex Week @ UCLA. Nearly 400 students attended the week-long series of sex-related workshops and events for which the theme was 'a journey through sex.

This year, four teams participated in Project CONDOM, which was held from 6:30-10:00pm in UCLA's Carnesale Commons. According to event organizer TaMisha Greathouse, for over four years Project CONDOM has served as a "unique and fun way to start the conversation about safer sex practices and healthy relationships" for students at the University. The event epitomizes the goal of Sex Week @ UCLA, which is to "provide events around safer sex, consent, healthy relationships, abstinence, sex positive spaces, and more."

In addition to supplying unwrapped, non-lubricated, colored condoms to Project CONDOM participants, ONE® also sent Greathouse and her team samples of myONE® Perfect Fit condoms, which are available in 60 different sizes, as well as standard sized ONE condoms. These were a huge hit among students and further encouraged conversation around condom use and safer sex. Congratulations to UCLA on another successful Project CONDOM and Sex Week!

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