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SHEATH Hosts Harvard Sex Weekend 2022

Happy 10th Birthday, Harvard Sex Weekend!

After the massive success in the fall of the first Harvard Sex Week since the COVID-19 shutdown, the student organization Sexual Health Education and Advocacy Throughout Harvard College (SHEATH) returned to host Harvard Sex Weekend (April 1-3).

Sex Weekend 2022, the 10th Sex Weekend in SHEATH history since its founding in 2012, was a huge hit! They held events ranging from more serious topics, such as toxic masculinity and sexual assault, to more pleasure-focused events like “Banging Beyond the Binary: Trans Sex 101” and “Get Cliterate!,” and even “Feelin’ the Chemistry: Psychedelics and Sex” and “Pussy Portraits: Celebrating Genital Diversity!”

We saw 250 students at the events over the three-day sex-education-extravaganza, and gave away thousands of dollars of safer sex supplies (thank you, ONE Condoms!) as freebies, and larger sex toys in our raffles after every event!

SHEATH began in 2012 in order to bring sex education to campus through an inclusive, pleasure-centered narrative. Students come to campus with varying levels of sex education from high school–if their high schools even had a sexual education program–which tend to center only pregnancy and STI prevention. SHEATH was formed to fill this gap in students’ sex education and to empower students to explore their relationships to intimacy and love.

Images of students from Harvard Sheath sex weekend



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