Single Marine Program and ONE® - ONE®

Single Marine Program and ONE®

Here at ONE®, we’re all about helping people practice safer sex while getting information about sexual health.

We recently partnered with the amazing people at the Single Marine Program aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. Steevie Jones and Sergeant Brian Jones said the "kind donation was used to provide easy access to contraception for single active duty marines who are at a higher risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies.” Of course, that’s giving us all the feels. 

Over all, the Single Marine Program is meant to provide an environment for active duty marines that is conducive to good health, community, and friendship. "The witty designs and original style of your condoms has proven to be a wonderful conversation starter and has provided a sense of comic relief for Marines who may have otherwise been hesitant to discuss, or openly accept contraception,” said Steevie Jones and Sergeant Brian Jones.

Thank you to the Single Marine Program for this partnership and openly discussing the importance of safer sex! Together We Are ONE.
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