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How St. John #5 is promoting safer sex directly in their community

Guest Blog post written by Tamachia McCaa of St. John #5/Camp ACE.

St. John #5/Camp ACE is a non-profit faith-based organization whose mission is to increase and broaden the perspective of economically disadvantaged children, youth and families throughout the Metro New Orleans region by way of providing an array of quality educational, social, health and cultural services throughout Louisiana. 

Recognizing the call for faith based organizations to “do something” about the impact that HIV/AIDS was having on the United States as well as on the community members of the Metro New Orleans region, St. John wholeheartedly joined in the HIV fight 20 years ago. The organization promotes—and is committed to—providing quality health-related services such as HIV prevention and is open to assist all people regardless of their sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, economic status, and gender. This stand is taken because St. John realizes that HIV/AIDS can impact anyone. 

Current FREE services provided by St. John #5/Camp ACE’s HIV Program: HIV testing and referrals, Community Outreach, Community events, Condom/Prevention Materials Delivery, Public Speaking and Advocacy, HIV/STD Educational workshops and HIV Capacity Building for Faith Based Organizations. 


ONE Condoms is proud to support the work of St. John #5, and the incredible outreach workers and their commitment to HIV prevention and condom education.  

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