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Start spreading the news!

ONE Condoms was super happy to contribute to the 2023 NYC Pride Parade with our longtime partner and friend DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS). They were enthusiastic participants in the annual NYC Pride Parade on June 25th and did some amazing work spreading awareness for their cause and promoting sexual health across the board! DIFFA has been fighting tirelessly since 1984 to provide treatment, education, and assistance for people impacted by HIV/AIDS, homelessness, hunger, and mental health issues. 

Collage featuring images from NYC Pride 2023

They are one of the few organizations that grants ‘unrestricted funds’ to partners, ensuring that necessities like utilities, transportation, hot meals and buddy programs are covered when otherwise they may have fallen through the cracks. DIFFA has been constantly fighting to close the gap left by insufficient and declining government funding in the wake of several public health crises. 

We love the work they do, and in fact we even partnered together in the past for the ONE Makes a DIFFArence campaign where we came together with artists to create a sexual health education program for youth using art as a medium. Read more about that at

Thank you DIFFA for all your tremendous work, and happy Pride! 🏳️‍🌈

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