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Syracuse University Health Hub and ONE® Condoms

Here at ONE®, we love the #ThxBirthControl Health Hub! The Health Hub is a Syracuse University outreach program run by ​Barnes Center at The Arch, Health Promotion Peer Educators. It's designed to promote wellness and encourage a healthy campus community. Throughout the academic year, the Health Hub “pops up” to different locations on campus multiple times a week to bring students information about different health topics through an interactive activity.

In November, the hub was located in one of the school's science academic buildings. "We spoke to about 100 students in only 2 hours about the many benefits of birth control, different methods, and where to get them," said Tara Kielty, student and former intern at ONE®. "Everyone who participated received a ONE® Condom Case with Move Lubricant, Oasis Lubricant, and ONE® Condoms inside! Students loved the giveaway and thought the cases were fun, cute, and innovative, and loved looking at what ONE® Condom wrapper designs were inside."

Thanks so much to these amazing students for doing such important work to promote healthy sexuality on campus!

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