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Teen Activist Stands Up For Sexual Health

Check out guest blog below by Aria, Teen Activist. Our team at ONE® is always proud to support teen activists like Aria, who are standing up for sexual health in their community. 

"I first heard about ONE Condoms when I went to a Pride Parade years ago with my best friend, Missy. The small high school I went to required all seniors to complete a senior project. I decided to research and create a documentary on sex education around the world. For my presentation, I had decided I wanted to make goodie bags to all that attended my presentation and those in my community. I decided with my documentary and presentation, I wanted to teach my peers about safer sex and the importance of sex education.

"Creating the goodie bags, I needed a lot of condoms. Then I remembered my experience with ONE Condoms at the parade. All the representatives were kind and educative. I reached out to them hoping to be able to buy condoms in bulk. They got back to me right away with a donation of condoms for me to give to my peers and others in my community. Not only did I receive condoms, but informative pamphlets, a kind handwritten card, and more!

"Going through my school to get permission to give condoms was tricky. I was turned down by the dean of students, head nurse, and the principal of the high school. I was given reasons as it was illegal and there was a long process in order to be able to give condoms out. I was furious. The students in my school are deprived of the information and things they need to be in healthy, consenting, sexual relationships. I went ahead and handed out goodie bags with condoms, lube, and pamphlets to many students outside of school.

"With the leftover goodie bags, I am heading to college in the fall and planning to continue promoting and advocating comprehensive sex education!

"My goals are to be a trusting peer to go to for sexual health supplies. A lot of kids in my grade are unable to even go to the store to purchase condoms. From embarrassment, fear, and being unable to afford these supplies, many people aren't practicing safer sex. I want to abolish this. I want everyone to receive a comprehensive sex education and have the supplies they need for when and if they chose to be sexually active. Living in the United States where sex is frowned down upon, unspoken, and often used in fear-mongering, I want change.

"I want to really thank everyone at ONE Condoms for the constant support and my best friend Missy for supporting me throughout all of my project."

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