University of Maryland Sex Week hosts Project CONDOM - ONE®

University of Maryland Sex Week hosts Project CONDOM


On April 10th, the University of Maryland Health Center hosted Project CONDOM as part of their annual Sex Week, a week dedicated to sexual health and wellness, promoting safer sex, and demolishing stigma around sex and STIs. Over 100 students attended to be inspired and learn how to live healthier sex lives.

This year, seven teams participated in Project CONDOM, creating outfits full of fashion, fun, and flare! The top three teams received ONE® Condoms and the first place winner received ONE® Lube, too.Sex Week at UMD also included events such a Graphic Sex Project, Queer Safer Sex Workshop ran by the Peer Educators, and free STI screening and education. Sex Week met their goals of promoting inclusivity, positivity and open conversations about sex. Check out their video from the week!  

Project CONDOM® is a ONE® Condoms initiative to encourage more talk and less stigma about sexual health by supporting and collaborating with communities hosting condom fashion shows. Is your organization or student group interested in hosting an event?  Click here to learn more.
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