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Victory Programs and ONE Partner To Promote Sexual Health

During the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic, here at ONE® we want to thank all the amazing health advocates, nurses and clinics who are continuing to be on the frontlines to keep us all safe. We’re honored to have supported the important work of the Victory Programs Mobile Prevention Team, right in our hometown of Boston. 

Victory Programs has helped individuals and families in crisis for over 40 years. Some 3,200 people turn to them yearly for shelter, sustenance, recovery, care, and professional, compassionate support. Their Mobile Prevention Team brings community-based harm reduction to the streets. As things became increasingly challenging for individuals at high risk for infectious diseases and overdose, the Victory Programs team provides resources such as syringes and Narcan, harm reduction counseling, and linkage to medical care. 

Executive Director Sarah J. Porter expresses they are trying to weather their way through this crisis as “food, cleaning supplies and services, protective gear, enhanced technology, and increased staffing needs – all are absolute necessities now.” Porter notes that, “when families in our shelters have lost jobs and their children can’t go to daycare or school, it’s our job to keep them well fed and supplied with diapers and formula. When the Boston Living Center is no longer able to serve congregate meals each day, we’re providing ‘to go’ breakfast and lunch daily to those living with HIV/AIDS.”

To support people who are looking for sexual health resources through Victory Programs, ONE helped donate condoms to the program. As a community member, ONE is happy to support this organization that is actively working to relieve the additional stress and anxiety that Covid-19 has added to lives of people across the city.

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