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We asked, You Answered on Momentum®!

The last you’ve heard about Momentum® back in September we’d just launched our new customer rewards platform–learn more about our Momentum backstory here

Momentum® Is our loyalty program built for our fiercely loyal fanbase where users can answer super fun challenges to earn points, then cash in points for store credit to get free ONE products and swag.

Recently our administrators who oversee the program decided to put our new platform to the test by making some challenges like “Tell Us Your Fantasy Sexual SuperPower” and “Share Your Best Dating App Advice” submissions publicly available for other Momentum members to view and comment on like a forum.

Here’s some of our favorite submissions for our Fantasy Sexual Superpower challenge and our Dating App Advice challenge. To read more go sign-up or login to see what’s the latest in Momentum

Check out some of our favorite responses below!

We asked: Tell us your Fantasy Sexual Superpower! We're dying to know from you all, if you were a superhero, what would your ideal sexual superpower be?

You answered:

“This is question is really cool. I really enjoy the glow in dark condoms with my lover and she really likes them also. So my super power would be the ability to change colors on the condoms while using it and even make it strobe lights also. That would be cool, a light show and good sex.”


Image that reads cum webs you can swing on like spiderman"


"Hmm, I would like to squirt at will! And I think I would want to read my partner’s mind, so I can have sex with them in their minds/dreams."


Image that reads, to be super flexible like gumby, only sexy"


"Sexual superpower? Know my partners kinks like telepathy. Although body language and communication are a must, knowing how to make a 1 night stand curl their toes with just making eye contact is my ideal super power. Imagine you think the coffee shop barista is hot, you lock eyes and they agree to go on a date with you. Don’t need to guess how to meet again, you know their love language 🙌🏽"

Image that reads "A hidden ability, a vibrating tongue"
"To fully adjust the sensitivity of myself and my partner during sex. Kind of like turning volume up or down in the car, just spin a knob."

We Asked: Share Your Best Dating App Advice! Tell us your best online dating advice and why it's worked for you or a friend.

You answered: 

"When it comes to online dating, I believe that a good balance of both pictures and prompts is important. Pictures can initially attract someone's attention, but prompts can give more insight into your personality and interests. In my experience, having a mix of clear, high-quality photos that showcase different aspects of your life along with thoughtful prompts that spark conversation has worked well. It's important to be authentic and genuine in both your pictures and prompts. As for the timing between matching with someone and meeting up for the first time, I think it's best to gauge the situation and go with what feels right for both parties. Some people prefer to meet sooner rather than later to see if there's a real connection in person, while others may want to chat more before setting up a date."


Image that reads "always tell your friends about your whereabouts for safety"


"Always tell the truth it makes it easier...Always tell a friend your whereabouts to make sure you have a safety net ..also if you are having risky sex get on docx prep to steer clear of STI’s"


Image that describes you should have a balanace between pics and prompts


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