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Yspaniola's Education Efforts in the Dominican Republic

More condom education in the Caribbean!

ONE® was happy to donate condoms to Yspaniola, a non-profit organization that provides children and young adults access to quality education in Batey Libertad, Dominican Republic. In January, a team of medical professionals with ties to Yspaniola who work at Brookside Community Health Center in Boston spent a week visiting the Batey, conducting STI/HIV workshops for the community's youth and distributing 1,000 condoms to its residents. 

"These workshops were a rare opportunity for young men and women to ask questions about their sexual health, and for us to allay misconceptions about STIs and HIV," said Cynthia So-Armah, M.D., founder and board member of Yspaniola who conceived the idea of the annual workshops on the island. "The participants were incredibly engaged, and I know the conversations will continue after our week in the community."

Thank you, Yspaniola, for contributing to our global quest to spread positive messages about the importance of sexual health!

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