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5 Reasons To Try ONE® Super Studs™

In our March feature, we want to give some love to our textured condoms called Super Studs™. Learn why you should take these premium, fun condoms for a test drive. 😎

1. Even bigger studs!

The Super Studs™ textured condom features 264 pleasure-intensifying studs, which stimulate your partner for a lot more OooHhhs and Ahhhss. Our studded condom was previously named 576 Sensations. We upgraded the condom by making the studs bigger for added stimulation (hint hint where SUPER in Super Studs comes from). Can you and your partner handle the intensity? Try Super Studs™ today and find out.

2. How do textured condoms work?

Super Studs™ were engineered to feel amazing for all types of bodies. Textured condoms can provide delightful and direct stimulation to the vulva by stimulating sensitive nerve endings, something that doesn’t always happen organically during penetrative play. The studs themselves can feel great if rubbed against a partner’s clitoris, too, but we’ll leave it to you to figure out the ins and outs for yourself. *wink*

Wait there’s more! According to some medical experts, textured condoms like the Super Studs™ can also create an intense and pleasurable sensation when used during anal sex, with the sensitive internal linings of the body reacting to the texture of the studs and well, friction. Talk about versatile!

2. A head above the rest

So we’ve convinced you that the Super Studs™ textured condom feels, looks and works great on the outside. What about on the inside? Does it have perks for the wearer, too? Yes! The actual shape of the Super Studs™ condom is slightly tighter just below the head of the penis. This contoured shape provides a secure, comfortable fit.

3. Sensatex™ softer latex 

The latex formula used for ONE® is our proprietary Sensatex™ latex, which is softer than other latex formulas on the market. Sensatex™ stretches and moves with the body better, which helps with comfort. It’s a no brainer: combine Sensatex™ with the Super Studs™ pleasure intensifying studs? Match made in pleasure!

4. Level up your pleasure with lube

Like all of our ONE® Condoms, Super Studs™ are pre-lubricated with our premium silicone lube. However, if you want to take your sexual experience to the next level, we strongly recommend pairing your Super Studs™ condom with one of our premium lubes, which you can browse here.

Choose from our Oasis® water-based lube, our Move® silicone lube or our Oasis Silk® lube, which is an optimal mix of both water and silicone. Each has their own benefits: water-based is light and easy to clean up, while silicone-based is designed to go the distance and last longer.

All It Takes is A Conversation to Kick Things Off

Wondering how to get your hands on a pack of Super Studs™ textured condoms and try them out with a partner? We brainstormed some cute and clever ways to start the conversation:

  • Flattery will get you everywhere. “You’re such a stud! Speaking of, want to try something even more studly? What about these Super Studs™ textured condoms?”
  • Winter weather has everyone down -- “It’s so cold in here! Want to turn up the heat?”

Ok, maybe that one works best for us, but you get the idea! 😏

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