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5 Sex-Positive Affirmations to Channel a Steamy New Year

‘Tis the season for reflection and goal setting! As we wrap up the year and gear up for 2024, there’s one thing on most people’s minds: New Year’s resolutions. That self help book your great aunt bought you for the holiday has tons to say on the subject, but what about the resolutions that don’t always make the cut? You know…the steamy ones! Don’t worry – you don’t need to reread the Fifty Shades Trilogy before January 1st. We created a quickie shortcut (all puns intended) of sex-positive affirmations to help you channel a steamy and satisfying New Year. 

But, first – a reminder: Just like fitness, wellness, career, and personal goals, the new year is the perfect time to reprioritize your pleasure, set intentions, and explore yourself in new ways. Last year is so last year, and regardless of how you feel about your sex life now, we can all benefit from taking time to reflect on what we’re experiencing and what we’d like to experience in the coming year. Sex and sexuality evolve with us overtime, which means there is even more to discover in 2024. We’re not sure about you, but that definitely gets our blood pumping.

Looking to turn up the heat, but not sure where to start? We've got the perfect recipe to spice up your year: 5 Sex-Positive Affirmations that will set the stage for your sexiest, steamiest year yet. Treat these like any affirmations: Say them in the mirror, write them in a journal, mumble them at night, tell them to your partner(s), or share them during intimate – or shall I say, steamy – moments to own your newfound confidence. Ready for unthinkable pleasure in 2024? Read on!

1. I am confident in sharing my wants and needs.

ONE New Years Resolutions

At ONE®, we believe that consistent, open, and honest conversation is the key to unlocking new worlds of pleasure – and we’re not alone! Many of our customers report feeling turned on by clear direction and communication in bed. Cue our first sex-positive affirmation for the new year!

Couples who feel secure vocalizing their desires tend to experience better intimacy and healthier dynamics. Think about it this way: Waiters have a hard time assuming what you want off the lunch menu. There’s a reason they ask which main dish you prefer, how you like it cooked, and what you want on the side. We each have different bodies, needs, tastes, and desires. Feeling good comes down to knowing what you want and communicating it effectively. Stating your order loud and proud is one way to get exactly what you’re craving. Asking questions about your partner(s) order is just as helpful. The more you communicate, the better “service” you’ll get, and the better service you’ll give, too.

The only difference between ordering what you want at a restaurant and in your bedroom (or anywhere else you “eat” out) is practice! So, make 2024 a year to practice up front, honest, and steamy communication. We’re willing to bet you’ll be more full, pleasured, and satisfied as a result. In 2024, we're saying goodbye to shy vibes and leaning into our desires! Because we all deserve to eat well. 

Want to explore more ways to expand your confidence and communication in 2024? Check out our blog post, From Lust to Trust: How Condoms Promote Healthy Relationships. 

2. I prioritize alone time and getting to know myself.

ONE New Years Resolutions

In other (less-eloquent) words, we’re masturabating this New Year!!! Think back to that self help book your great aunt gifted you. Somewhere in there, I’m sure the author shared a monologue about prioritizing self-care. At ONE®, we know very well that self-care is a synonym for masturbation. 

One common misconception about masturbation is that there’s one goal, to orgasm. Wrong! You can masturbate with no destination, and in fact, we encourage you to.  You might be surprised by what you find when you let go of expectations! Use “self-care time” to explore your body, figure out what feels good, and become more in tune with your desires - kinky, steamy, surprising, or strange. There’s no “norm” when it comes to pleasure, and some solo time might be just what you need to step outside of your comfort zone and find something mind-blowing. 

Masturbation has some powerful benefits (that may even align with your not-so-steamy resolutions this new year, like fitness, focus, relaxation, and relationships). Masturbation can help you improve mental and physical health, reduce stress, and gain confidence. In the context of a relationship or partner play, masturbation provides a space to explore your desires without any pressure, judgment, or fear.  Getting to know yourself has powerful benefits, too. In order to communicate effectively (or you know, order off the right menu), you have to know what you’re craving. To put it simply: This affirmation helps you dive into all of the others!

3. I’m excited to explore new things.

The rise of technology, innovation, and collaboration makes 2024 a very different world than 2004. Or 1994. Or any decade prior. Safer sex technology has come a long way from the days of tortoiseshell, animal intestine and linen. Now, we create condoms with premium materials specifically aimed to enhance safety AND sensation. At ONE®, we are constantly pushing the boundaries and reinventing what safer sex looks and feels like. 

An enjoyable (and safe) way to channel an awesome year of sex is by trying out some new forms of protection, specifically meant to make the good feelings even greater. Here’s a few condom options for you to experiment with in the New Year as you explore what makes you feel your best!

ONE® Super Studs™ condoms feature hundreds of raised studs that rub you in all the right ways. Combine enhanced feels with ultra soft, vegan latex, and a contoured shape that enhances comfort, and you may have just found your favorite condom of the new year.

ONE® UltraFeel® is an ultra-thin condom combined with an extra 2ml lube pouch in one convenient wrapper. The 2ml pouch features ONE® Oasis® premium water-based lubricant.

ONE® Vanish® Hyperthin® condoms are 25% thinner than our standard latex condoms, so you feel closer and connected. They’re also enhanced with our top-selling premium lubricant, ONE® Move®, to help you glide your way into pleasure this new year.

ONE® Pleasure Plus® condoms were scientifically developed to increase pleasure inside and out for dual partner satisfaction. They’re designed with a unique, ribbed pouch at the tip, which moves back and forth during sex to stimulate both partners in sensational ways. 

ONE® Super Sensitive™ condoms feature exceptionally soft and sheer vegan latex with 50% more premium lubricant than our standard condoms. Say less.

ONE® FlavorWaves™ condom 12-packs deliver six unique flavor experiences and color palettes, bringing a whole new meaning to “play time.” With flavors like Chocolate Strawberry, Island Punch, and Banana Split, you’ve never explored something quite like this. Adventure more in 2024; FlavorWaves™ makes it easy.

ONE® Tattoo Touch® are the world’s first condoms inspired by tattoo designs. Whether you have tattoos, want tattoos, or like the idea of combining art and intimacy, this pleasure-seeker variety may be perfect for your new year of play. Bonus: They’re textured for enhanced sensation! 

Trying different forms of protection can not only make safer sex feel better, but it can also be a great opportunity for connection between you and your partner. It's in those intimate moments that we see each other in our rawest form and reach a deeper level of understanding for each other’s wants, needs, and desires. Talk to your partner about what feels good and show excitement for exploring different options. And of course, we’d love it if you'd let us know your favorite, too.

4. I welcome new wisdom, and I accept that there’s always more to learn.

ONE New Years Resolutions

One of the most exciting things about sex is that there are always new things to learn, new desires to explore, and new levels of pleasure to unlock. In order to level-up in the new year, we first need to ditch the outdated notion that we already know it all. 

Let’s be real: No one knows it all. Not even the sexual educators on our team (and there are many of them!) Our own experiences and desires are constantly evolving, technology continues to create new ways to explore pleasure and protection, and sex at its purest is a completely individual experience. This year, we’re releasing the ego! Sex is more enjoyable, surprising, and exciting when we keep an open mind, explore new experiences, and learn all along the way. Whether we’re a certified sexpert or brand new to sexual expression - we all have things to learn. And together, we can support each other in the journey of staying open, accepting, and curious.

One way to acquire some fresh wisdom this new year is to spend a bit of time exploring sex education. And no – we’re not talking about the sterile lectures you may have received from your P.E. teacher. These days, there is an abundance of entertaining, relatable, and accurate resources to enjoy (perhaps before a bit of “self-care”...) The ONE® and MyONE® blogs are great places to start if you are looking for ways to expand your knowledge of all the things that get your blood pumping. From safety to satisfaction, we cover all the bases (so you can round the bases with confidence!) Here are a few articles to kick off your journey with:

  1. Safe, Sexy, and Satisfying: Condoms and Sexual Well-Being
  2. How Important is Sex in a Healthy Relationship
  3. What Type of Condoms Do Women Like the Most? 

There are also many wonderful social media creators making sex positive, informational content. While it is important to fact check everything you learn on the internet, social media can be a great place to get inspired and explore the endless kinks, toys, pleasure points, and more sex-related ideas to try out. Here are a few of our favorite social media creators (and proud ONE® partners) to follow:

  1. Linnea Marie 
  2. Sex Ed by Em
  3. Sonya Maya

5. I release all shame around sex and sexuality.

ONE New Years Resolutions

Last but certainly not least, we are shedding our shame around sex and sexuality this coming year. Disclaimer: We acknowledge that shame can be an intentional (and deeply harmful) product of trauma, neglect, harassment, or abuse, requiring much more than an affirmation to overcome. If this doesn’t feel like a positive, relevant, or supportive affirmation for your new year, please skip it. 

It's entirely natural to harbor feelings of embarrassment or shame related to sex – and, as mentioned above, it’s not always a choice. Society, family, and institutions can project shame in harmful ways, and we stand in solidarity with all survivors of these circumstances. Sex and sexuality are diverse, natural, and essential aspects of our lives, and we dream of a world where no person is judged or harmed due to desire or identity. 

While shame can be projected onto us externally, we can also project it onto ourselves. When it comes to self-judgment, we believe that positive self-talk, including affirmations, can be supportive tools in the right context. If this speaks to you, we invite you to join us in sharing, writing, or repeating this final new year’s affirmation as you work through any judgment, shame, or negativity you are harboring. 

In 2024, we’re remaining committed to our mission of starting conversations that promote inclusivity by acknowledging the diversity of pleasure and identity. We will continue to start conversations that honor individual expression and self-care in the hopes of creating a world where sex is celebrated rather than stigmatized. 


This new year, we invite you to join us in celebrating the diversity of pleasure, protection, and community. We encourage you to try new things, enjoy some extra “solo time,” practice intimate communication, and keep an open mind as you navigate a journey that is uniquely yours. Thank you for making 2023 a year to remember, and for riding into 2024 by our side!

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