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A Look Inside Our Backdoor (Pack): How to Enjoy Anal and What to Use

Let’s be real: "Butt Stuff" has always been a part of the human experience and conversations. Whether you’re in a straight relationship and looking to broaden your horizons, or you’re a seasoned veteran in the Bottom Brigade looking to up your game, you’ve come to the right place.

Anal sex is an entirely different ballgame, even with proper foreplay and mutual excitement, it can be a challenge to get the pistons moving. Not only do we recommend cleaning out beforehand with a douche or enema, we always recommend using lots of lube and taking it slow. There are countless guides online on how to properly prepare yourself to be the receiving partner, but this one from our friends at Planned Parenthood is our favorite


ONE® Backdoor Pack™ at Walmart


From there, it’s important to incorporate a lot of foreplay and to listen to your partner. Anal sex is really only possible if both of you are feeling relaxed, comfortable, and properly prepared. Take a look at some other tips for healthy and happy anal sex play in our blog post Why Condoms Are Especially Important For Safe Anal Sex.

Let’s talk about condoms and anal sex. On our quest to make sure people know condoms are safe and effective for anal use, we began our Butt Stuff Approved™ project about 10 years ago. Condoms are medical devices that require rigorous testing from the FDA,  yet unfortunately their intended use was always limited to vaginal use.  Even though plenty of people have used condoms for anal sex in the past, no company had ever run an official clinical trial to confirm the efficacy of condoms when used during anal sex. 

This was the case until February 2022, when a historic change occurred in the condom industry. After a 10-year process, the FDA approved a request from ONE® to expand the “intended use” claim of our ONE® Condoms brand to include anal sex. The approval applies to different types of ONE® Condoms — Vanish®, Super Sensitive™, Classic Select™, and MyONE® Custom Fit™. ONE® was the first condom brand ever to be labeled for safe and effective use for anal sex!


ONE® Backdoor Pack™ at Walmart

How’d we get there? Our new Butt Stuff Approved indication was granted by the FDA after we submitted data from a clinical trial conducted by the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University in partnership with ONE® Condoms. The study found ONE® and MyONE® Custom Fit™ condoms used during anal sex failed less than 1% of the time. The FDA had previously said that condoms needed to have less than a 5% failure rate for vaginal sex. So the results, as expected, were very positive!

Fun fact is that this was the largest clinical trial of the effectiveness of condoms for anal sex ever conducted, with participants split evenly between men who have sex with men (MSM) and men who have sex with women (MSW). 

And for those who just love the data, an interesting note from the study is that condom failure was lower for anal sex than for vaginal sex. The researchers hypothesized this difference was driven by the much higher use of lubricant for acts of anal sex (98.3%) compared with vaginal sex acts (41.6%) due to the study design. When the researchers controlled for the use of lubricant, they found no difference in condom failure for anal sex versus vaginal sex. This highlights the importance of using lubricant with condoms to prevent condom failure. Lube and condoms go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

ONE® Backdoor Pack™ at Walmart

As a brand that loves education and open conversations about sexual health, we loved seeing the conversations in press, social media, and even Saturday Night Live openly talk about anal sex safety after the news hit back in 2022! The news also opened up new, more inclusive ways educators can discuss safer sex with their clients. For us, it’s a WIN all around. 

To answer the main question we still get about our Butt Stuff Approved™ project, here we go:

Did you create a condom specifically for anal use? Is it a new product? We did not create a new product that is specifically designed for anal use. We took our existing ONE® and MyONE Custom Fit™ products and tested them in the clinical trial about anal sex safety. We took those results to the FDA, who now allows our intended use on our packaging to include anal use (not just vaginal use like before).

However, we'd never want to claim that ONLY ONE Condoms work for anal use. All condoms are classified as medical devices under the FDA and must meet strict regulatory guidelines. But because we did a clinical trial testing ONE Condoms during anal use, we can now confidently market them as Butt Stuff Approved™. 

And lucky for you, we wanted to create the perfect product that would incorporate all of these Butt Stuff Approved styles into one convenient little package. The result is the ONE® Backdoor Pack™, a three-pack available exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide in the U.S. and on their website here. The Backdoor Pack includes samples of the three styles that earned FDA clearance for anal sex:

  • ONE® Vanish®: 25% thinner than the standard ONE® Condom, and specially enhanced with ONE® Move® lubricant.
  • ONE® Super Sensitive™: thin, smooth condoms that feature 50% more lubricant.
  • MyONE® Custom Fit™: Five years ago, ONE® revolutionized the condom industry with the release of MyONE® Custom Fit™, a line of condoms in 52 different sizes to help ensure the perfect fit. Because as consumers have quickly learned, one size definitely does not fit all. 

The ONE® Backdoor Pack™ at Walmart includes a popular MyONE® size, based on customer purchasing habits, that is slightly shorter and slightly wider than a regular condom. The pack also includes a FitKit® measuring tool, so people can measure at home to find their perfect fit. All 52 MyONE sizes are Butt Stuff Approved™. So if you need a better condom fit for the next time you’re thinking of taking a cruise to the Anal Archipelago, you can find your MyONE FitCode (size code) here


MyONE® Custom Fit™ offers condom sizes snugger and larger than any other brand. Customize your width & length for max pleasure, comfort and confidence.


And while size matters when it comes to condoms, so do other things. That’s why Walmart stores also carry the popular ONE® Move® silicone lubricant and Oasis Silk® lubricating lotion so no one will ever be left high and dry.


Since this launch we’ve heard nothing but great feedback!

***** Take the fun down town!

“The backdoor pack was super fun! Loved it, and the products were SUPER high quality.”



*****Great feel and fit

“These condoms feel dope. Never thought condoms could actually feel good. First time I heard about myone condoms having so many sizes. Cool to get their measuring kit in this Backdoor pack %26 ordered some of my specific size on their website. Fits my ding perfect.”



*****One is the best condom brand hands down!

They have the best feel and I love all the different varieties. Plus I love their cute and cheeky wrappers. They always have instructions too for the beginners. They are definitely the most innovative brand of there.



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