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Closing the Foreskin Gap in Condom Education

At ONE® Condoms education is at the heart of what we do. Our goal is to keep updating our educational materials so people can find a condom that fits and feels amazing – and also educate about a wide variety of sexual health topics. 

Our customer service team frequently gets condom questions from those blessed with a foreskin, so we started to do a deep dive. We quickly started to notice a gap in the resources and messaging currently available. Through further research into public health resources and even other condom brands, it has become impossible to deny what we call the ‘Foreskin Gap’ in modern sexual health and condom education. 

Currently, 80.5% of males in the US aged 14-59 are circumcised. However, the most recent information from the CDC highlights the fact that “across the 32-year period from 1979 through 2010, the national rate of newborn circumcision declined 10% overall, from 64.5% to 58.3%.” And despite the fact that tens of millions of American penises and the majority of people (almost ¾ ) across the globe are not circumcised, there is little guidance or education for them centered around sexual wellness and harm reduction. In the United States, circumcised penises are viewed as the default. 

ONE® Condoms Foreskin Day

Representation is important on all fronts. All penises want to shine! It’s silly that the majority of sexual health education resources for adults and adolescents are centered around only one experience. 

We discovered through our customer outreach that even in places like the UK where 80% of people with penises had foreskins, “condom instructions, even sex education resources, completely ignore how to put them on well” and don’t even mention foreskin. Nevermind in the US where “it's never ever discussed except in hushed tones. There's virtually zero sexual education aimed at young boys and men regarding hygiene, contraceptives, etc.” Looking at our own resources, we realized at ONE® HQ we also need more foreskin expertise and educational materials. 

Talking to so many people who were impacted by this foreskin gap inspired us to take action!


You might already be aware of some of our efforts to close this ‘Foreskin Gap’. Late in February, we sent out our Foreskin Action Plan (F.A.P.) survey in order to incorporate your voices in the next evolution of ONE & MyONE educational materials and messaging. We received almost 1,000 responses and were so overwhelmed by how much consideration and time our Pickle Protection Club put into their responses. We’re still actively reviewing every submission and accepting more indefinitely, but we thought it was important to share our biggest takeaways and a few of our favorite highlights to get everyone excited for Foreskin Day, coming on April 4th. 

The foreskin is a marvel of human evolution, yet most people in the US and abroad will only discuss it in hushed tones if at all. In fact, in our survey we found that 33% of people with a foreskin have been treated differently by a sexual partner as a result. From looks of confusion and last minute rejection, to straight up body shaming, so many people shared truly eye opening personal experiences through our survey. You can read more about these experiences here.  We want to destroy this stigma once and for all and bring foreskin to the forefront (pun intended) of the sexual health and wellness field.


ONE Condoms Foreskin Day

What stood out to us immediately was that 79% of people with foreskins reported difficulty using condoms. You already know that at ONE, we’ve made it our goal to ensure everyone is able to find and use the right condom effectively. We launched our MyONE® Custom Fit™ lineup to help the 91% of people out there who don’t fit properly in standard sized condoms. We’re always looking to add more people into the fold (no pun intended), and now that we know just how difficult it can be to find the right condom for people with foreskins, we want to help!

Based on your feedback, the main issue for people blessed with a foreskin is that the condom will bunch up in the foreskin and/or constrict movement.  

ONE® Condoms Foreskin Day 

Of the 79% of people who’ve had difficulty using condoms with their foreskin, 27% reported that condoms bunched up in their foreskin, creating friction and leading to slippage and even breakages. For a lot of people this issue was exacerbated by improperly fitting condoms. Regular condoms are too snug for 70% of people, a condom that doesn’t allow for a little breathing room is more likely to become entangled in the foreskin and constrict movement. That’s why so many of the people we surveyed preferred our MyONE® Custom Fit™ lineup of 52 condom sizes; they were able to find a FitCode that enabled them to enjoy the natural gliding action of their foreskin without having to worry about friction and breakages. Their experience was further enhanced by adding some extra lubricant in the tip of the condom prior to putting it on.

27% of people experience the condom bunched up

For those lucky enough to have a proper fit with standard sized condoms, there are few amazing options under our ONE® brand. People loved our thinner and extra lubricated ONE® styles such as Vanish®, Super Sensitive™, and UltraFeel®. 

ONE® Condoms Foreskin Day

People also loved our styles with a little extra room at the head such as Legend XL and Pleasure PlusVarieties with extra space at the tip are a great option for the 26% of survey respondents who have experienced constricted movement of the foreskin with other condoms. Legend XL features a flared shape that adds an extra dimension of comfort and pleasure with a roomier head, they are longer and wider than standard sized condoms. Pleasure Plus on the other hand features a unique pouch at the tip with a ribbed texture for pleasure. The pouch moves back and forth during sex, stimulating both partners simultaneously. It specifically targets the frenulum, a sensitive area on the underside of the penis. Everyone with a foreskin will also have a frenulum, it is where your foreskin meets the underside of your penis. It looks like a small V just below the head. Even for those without a foreskin, usually at least a small part of it remains after circumcision. Many people report that the frenulum is the most sensitive part of their penis so it only makes sense to pay some extra attention to it. 


“I like that the tip has more room for my foreskin to move naturally, without feeling tight or constricted. Makes it so that I can feel the gliding sensation while I'm having sex, which is great.”

ONE® Condoms Foreskin Day

“The legend XL and pleasure plus provide additional room for foreskin movement, allowing the foreskin to move up and down.  That movement increases pleasure; tighter condoms feel restrictive on the foreskin.  The pleasure plus condoms also have studs that provide sensation just under the frenulum and the ridge of my dick head, which feels great.”


Apart from issues with fit and pleasure, of the 79% of people who’ve had difficulty using condoms with their foreskin, 21% were unsure whether or not to retract the foreskin prior to use. We’ve found that there is no definitive suggestion to make, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to personal pleasure. 

An image with two condom graphics showing how to measure with a foreskin. Text says to retract or not to retract.

 What is important for us, especially for those who use our MyONE® Custom Fit™ lineup, is consistency. In that, if you find that it’s more pleasurable for you to retract your foreskin prior to putting the condom on, then it’s critical that when you measure up for your MyONE fit you also retract your foreskin. The inverse is also true, if you prefer to keep your helmet covered then it’s important to measure up in that state, and even factor in the extra length if you’re blessed with a larger foreskin. People can measuring either with the MyONE FitKit or a ruler/measuring tape; see more on measuring and how it works.

Whether you’re team up or team down, you’re sure to have a pleasurable experience if you use a properly fitting condom that enables your foreskin to move naturally, possibly with extra space and/or lubricant depending on your individual preferences.


Every penis is different, and so is every foreskin. People tend to think of foreskin as binary - you either have it or you do not. However that simply isn't the case. Some people have more, some people have less, some people have loose and some people have tight foreskin. For some people, getting an erection means the foreskin will fully retract, for others their penis could be completely covered and even have a little overhang. Even among those who have been circumcised, some will have more or less skin remaining, some even have enough to actively restore their foreskin through stretching. It’s not just shape and size that makes a penis unique, it’s everything. From the head down to the base; and from the foreskin to the heart, ONE will always be committed to inclusivity. 

Foreskin Pride Billboard


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