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Does Size Matter? Podcast with Dr. Jess

Here at ONE® Condoms, we love talking about condoms and how proper condom fit can greatly improve someone's confidence and pleasure while using condoms. We want to encourage body positive conversations about penis size. Our director of marketing, Milla Impola, was stoked to join the incredible Dr. Jess on a podcast episode: "Does Size Matter?" Listen to the episode here

More about the episode: 

What’s really average when it comes to penis size and does it really matter? How do we get over our hang ups around size so that we can all feel confident in our bodies? Should you use certain positions according to size? And are condoms really one-size-fits-all? 

More about Dr. Jess (we love her!): 

Dr. Jess is a Toronto-based sexologist (PhD), author and television personality. A sought-after speaker, Dr. Jess travels extensively to engage with audiences large and small. From couples’ retreats in the Caribbean to academic conferences in the Great White North, she puts clients and workshop participants at ease with her gentle humor, thorough subject knowledge and friendly disposition.

More about myONE and condom fit:

Standard condoms properly fit only 12% of condom users. That leaves many people frustrated, experiencing issues like slippage, squeezing, bunching, and erection loss due to condoms being too tight. So, we launched myONE with 60 condom sizes! Some quick tidbits below, and learn more about condom size here
    When people say standard condoms are too "small", it could mean:
    • The condom is too tight in circumference. 
    • The condom is too long. In fact, most condoms are too long for over 80% of condom users. (Standard condoms are 7.5 inches long, whereas average penis is around 5-5.5 inches long).
    • For many customers, this results in the "red ring of death". That's where the extra length of the latex condom rolls up at the base, getting tighter and tighter. Think about having a rubber band on your wrist, leaving it there, and then there's that red ring that's left on your wrist when you take the rubber band off. Now image that on a sensitive part like a penis. Ouch!
    • Condoms that are too tight can also result in erection loss, because there's not enough blood flowing into the penis to keep it erect. 
    • Yes condoms stretch, but it doesn't mean they are comfortable if they are too tight. With myONE, we want people (and their penises) to be protected and comfy. 

    When condoms are  too tight, this can result in erection loss or painful rings on a penis. With myONE condoms, we want people to be comfortable and protected.

    Condom slippage is also a common challenge with standard condoms, which are typically 7.5 inches long. Even "Snug Fit" condoms are usually the same length, and only 1-2mm tighter, than a standard condom. So with myONE condoms, you can adjust your length and girth to get the perfect fit for package. 

    Average penis is 5.5. inches long, but most condoms are 7.5 inches long. This means the condom either hangs off or bunches at the base, which is uncomfortable for many people

    When condoms are too loose, they can result in slippage. That can put people at increased risk for STI transmission and unintended pregnancy.

    That's why we love our myONE brand of 60 condom sizes, with 10 lengths and 9 girths. No matter your size, we want everyone to feel confident and comfortable in their condom. It's like wearing a perfectly fitting bra or shoe. If you're not worried about condoms pinching, slipping or squeezing, you can focus more on the fun parts of sex (you know, pleasure and your partner) and not the mechanics of the condom. Get it up, measure it up, and try a $2 sample kit at today


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