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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Thin Condoms

Curious about thin condoms? Want to know how they're made? What about how they work or how they feel? How do you decide if they're for you? You're in the right place.

Many people are interested in thin condoms as a way to be closer to their partner(s), increase sensation, and guarantee the same safety and prevention that condoms offer. Here are some of the most common questions about thin condoms and everything you need to know to make an informed purchase (fingers crossed!).

Are thin condoms safe to use?

First and foremost, thin condoms are indeed safe to use. Despite their slimmer build, they offer all of the same safety and prevention as standard condoms. Even the thinnest condoms are still safe to use. As with all ONE Condoms, our thin condom options are cleared for sale by the FDA as a medical device to prevent sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy. You are in good hands!

Take, for example, ONE® Vanish Hyperthin Condoms - they are designed to be 25% thinner than standard ONE® condoms. These condoms have undergone multiple rounds of product testing and allow for partner(s) to be even closer.

The text ONE® Vanish Hyperthin Condom with an image of the thin condom and its wrapper.

ONE UltraFeel® condoms are our thinnest condom to date. UltraFeel even features added benefits, such as MicroRoll™ Technology for a more comfortable fit and TotalGlide™ technology that lubricates the condom entirely from base to tip.

Image of a ONE® UltraFeel Condom, and an illustration of the wrapper which features an ultra-thin condom on one side, and a lubricant packet on the other side.

If that's not enough, all ONE Condoms are made with our proprietary Sensatex® premium latex formula. Typically, when condoms get thinner, they become much more "hard." There's a term in condom manufacturing of "hard" vs. "soft" latex. Hard latex means it doesn't move with your body and is more rigid. The great thing about Sensatex is that it's a softer, smoother form of latex that moves with your body. That means more comfort, more pleasure – and all the "OoohHhhs" and "AahhHhhs" you're looking for.

Do thin condoms work?

This is also a commonly heard question about thin condoms in general, and it makes sense. Suppose condoms work by providing a physical barrier between direct skin-to-skin contact and bodily fluids. How does making a condom thinner affect its function?

The good news is that the function of the condom is not affected by making it thinner. The strength and elasticity of latex material maintain this physical barrier protecting both parties in their sexual experience. Many people find thin condoms provide more sensation and pleasure. From either angle, thin condoms get the job done!

Will a thin condom tear? What are thin condoms made of?

Thankfully, thin condoms are no more likely to break than standard condoms, and they undergo rigorous testing to make sure. Generally speaking, thin condoms are made from the same durable latex material as standard condoms, just thinner by design.

Some of the thinnest condoms available are made from proprietary materials and technology, pairing the natural wonders of rubber latex with innovation and creativity.

You can also lower the risk of condom failure by taking a few simple steps:

  • Storing condoms in a safe environment (cool, dry) where they won't be damaged by heat or other factors.
  • Only use condoms that have not expired by checking the date on the wrapper.
  • Properly putting condoms on using a rolling technique.
  • Applying plenty of silicone or water-based lubricant (never oil-based liquids like Vaseline or lotion). Lubricant helps add more comfort, plus helps prevent condoms from breaking during use.

Does a thin condom feel better?

Two condoms hugging with the text closer, illustrating how thin condoms bring you closer and provide increased sensations.

Each and everybody is different, and sexual experiences vary from person to person. (And ONE® has products for all of those experiences!) Better means different things to different people.

With that caveat aside, thin condoms deliver on the promise of feeling closer to your partner, with enhanced sensation and sensitivity. For some, this increased stimulation cuts their sexual experiences short, and they prefer a standard condom to extend their endurance. But if you are looking to feel closer to your partner, then we think you'll love thin condoms.

Where to buy thin condoms?

The text "How to Get 'Em" over a collage of ONE condom wrappers.

Have we enticed you to try thin condoms with your partner(s)? Want to know how to get them?

You can find thin condoms like ONE® VANISH Hyperthin Condoms, ONE® UltraFeel™ Condoms, or ONE® Super Sensitive Condoms on our site. We also suggest several personal lubricant options that will heighten your experience. Choose from pack sizes of 3, 10, 12, 40, or 50, or if you're looking to sample a few different styles of condoms, you can purchase one of our Mixed Pleasures Condoms. And don't forget free shipping on orders over $30!

Sometimes, the fit of the condom can contribute to how much you feel! For a natural feel & condoms sized for almost any package, check out myONE Perfect Fit and its 60 condom sizes. All myONE condoms are also now hyper thin condoms.

To learn more and shop, check out our complete collection of thin condoms.

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