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February is National #CondomMonth: 10 ways to get involved

It's February, which is our fave month of the year. Why? Because February is National #CondomMonth, and #CondomWeek happens February 14-21! All of us can do a little something this month—and every month—to advocate for safer sex. Together we can make a difference, because Together We Are One. 

Here's some ideas from your friends at ONE how you can stand up for sexual health:

1. Educate yourself and others. 

Use a condom consistently and correctly, and teach your friends to do the same. Need some tips on condom use? Check this out. And learn more on our Education Blog

2. Get tested & encourage your friends to do the same.

What a great month to get tested for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Use the buddy system and tag a friend along. Learn more about how to get tested, and find your local testing clinic

3. Use your voice to advocate for sexual health: Sign-up for Momentum™.

Momentum is our safer sex advocacy platform at onecondoms.com/momentum. You complete challenges promoting safer sex in your community and online—and we give you points. These points can be used to redeem products in our online store, and you'll also have access to some epic contests and giveaways. 

4. Send us ideas for Momentum challenges. 

How do you want to advocate for sexual health? We'd love to know! Send us your ideas and thoughts on what challenges you think would help promote safer sex in your community or online. Login to Momentum, and complete the challenge called: "Ideas for new Challenges?" Thanks for helping!


5. Design a condom wrapper, win sweet prizes, and help donate 5000 condoms to your favorite health organization.

Tiny Canvas, Major Impact. For over a decade, we've ran condom wrapper Design Contests to help you design and vote on what artwork goes on our condom wrappers. Submit a photo, design, doodle, painting, collage—you name it! Winners get a cash prize, a year's supply of condoms, and a donation of 5000 condoms to their health organization of choice. Simply login to your Momentum account, and click the "Design Contests" tab at the top. You can VOTE for designs by clicking here. You also get an extra Momentum point for each vote. Wink Wink. 

6. Take a Selfie and help donate condoms? 

Yes! As part of our #ONESelfie program, you submit a selfie showing how you celebrate life and love. We then donate condoms to amazing health organizations nationwide.

7. Create a Project Condom Fashion Show. 

Lights, Camera, Action—Condoms! Project CONDOM events, organized in partnership with ONE, allow communities to organize a Condom Fashion Show. Making clothes of our condoms? Yes, please. The goal is to start conversations about condoms and safer sex in a fun way. Apply to host Project CONDOMSee some examples of previous events hereherehere, and here

8. Talk about condom fit.   

Did you know finding a condom that fits properly is important to condom use and having a pleasurable condom experience? Check out the "7 Signs You're Using The Wrong Size Condom" and why #CondomFitCounts. Also, as part of our commitment to condom fit, we're launching myONE Perfect Fit this year with 60 condom sizes. You heard that right: sixty

9. Support HIV and AIDS outreach work in urban communities.

In 2015, we partnered with celebrated NYC street artists to help stop the disproportionate rates of HIV in urban communities. 20% of the sale price of from our ONE Street Art campaign products will be used to fund urban HIV awareness and condom distribution programs. Shop the collection


10. Start a condom conversation. (#CondomConvo)

So simple, yet so very meaningful. The more we talk about sexual health—the more we fight stigma. And if you have an idea for a campaign or event that can help us start condom conversations, submit it to our Partnerships form. Let’s get creative, together.

Thank you to our amazing ONE advocates and fans who are always standing up for sexual health. Happy National Condom Month! 


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