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Glowing Condoms: The Ultimate Halloween Accessory

Looking for a last-minute Halloween costume? Want to add some spark to your sex life this spooky season? Need to light up your bedroom – or your jack-o-lantern? Look no further, friends! We’ve got you covered.

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Glow in the dark condoms are the ultimate accessory this spooky season! They cover all the bases, so you can explore all the bases. Of course, keep in mind that glowing condoms are not Halloween party friendly (unless you’re going to a very specific kind of party!)...but they are perfect for a late night romp in the pumpkin patch or an after hours tour of a haunted house. If you don’t have access to either, they work well in the bedroom or basement, too!

Read on to explore some common questions about one of our favorite sexual health innovations, including the safety, function, and benefits of glowing condoms. Plus, explore some of the best glow in the dark condoms on the market. Let’s dive in!

Glowing Pleasures ONE Condoms

What Are Glow in the Dark Condoms?

Glow in the dark condoms are a captivating variation of the classic latex condom. You might think of them as condoms with a glow up! Glow in the dark condoms are made with a thin layer of phosphorous pigment stacked between two layers of latex. And if you snag a pack of Glowing Pleasures™, we can guarantee your glowing condoms are vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and nontoxic, like all ONE® Condoms products.

How do Glow in the Dark Condoms Work?

No, it’s not due to Halloween sorcery! Glowing condoms illuminate thanks to a thin layer of phosphorous pigment. This nontoxic pigment is activated by light, absorbing it to provide the subtle and seductive glow effect you’ll find in all glowing condoms. This is also why glow in the dark condoms must be “charged” for about 30 seconds. But, don’t worry, you don’t need a USB cord or outlet! Simply, hold your glowing condoms up to a light, and let the fun begin.

Pro tip: Most glow in the dark condom wrappers are slightly translucent on one side, so you can even charge your glowing condom without opening its package. This brief exposure charges the phosphorous pigment within the condom, allowing it to emit a soft glow. The luminosity can add an exciting visual element to sex in the dark.

Want to see for yourself? Check out ONE® Glowing Pleasures™.

Fun fact: Did you know Global Protection Corp. (our parent company) first invented glow in the dark condoms back in 1989 – originally called the “Knight Light”? From there Global Protection launched the FDA-cleared Night Light brand in 1990s and also later brought the ONE® Glowing Pleasures™ condoms to market.

Are Glow in the Dark Condoms Safe?

Yes! Great question. Condoms that glow in the dark adhere to the same stringent standards set by the FDA as our other condoms. This includes rigorous testing to ensure they provide reliable protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancies. The ingredient that causes the glow in our glowing condoms is a phosphorus powder that absorbs light when exposed, and is layered between thin layers of latex. The powder is in the interior layer of the condom, and does not come off while in use. Our glow-in-the-dark condoms were the first FDA-cleared glow condoms and are intended and safe to use for intercourse. You can trust that the safety and effectiveness of glow in the dark condoms are on par with any other type of condom.

Glowing Pleasures ONE Condoms

What are the Benefits of Glowing Condoms?

1. Glowing Condoms Help You Last Longer!
Because of the structure of glow in the dark condoms (non-toxic phosphorous pigment layered between multiple layers of latex), the condom is a bit thicker than regular condoms. While glow in the dark condoms might be a little thicker than their standard counterparts, some users report that this enhances their pleasure by extending performance time. Ooh, la, la! The added thickness reduces sensitivity very slightly, helping users last longer during intercourse. And once you see your glowing condoms in real life, you’ll want to keep the fun going as long as you can!
2. Glowing Condoms Light Up Your Sex Life (Literally)   
Sometimes, new experiences can go a long way. Glow in the dark condoms offer a unique and playful twist to your bedroom activities, providing new excitement, intrigue, and sometimes, a bit of humor. No need to stick to the bedroom, either! Might we suggest you take your ONE® Glowing Pleasures™ to a secluded campsite or outdoor adventure? Who needs a headlamp when you have a headlamp.
3. Glowing Condoms Are the Ultimate Halloween Accessory!

Need a last-minute Halloween costume? Turn your penis into a lightsaber, and let the force be with you – and your partner(s). We can’t recommend wearing your Star Wars costume out in public, but it might just be the perfect treat for your partner(s) who are too old for candy ;)

Glow in the dark condoms are a fun and safe way to add a surge of excitement to whatever you’re getting into. Whether you're looking to prolong your pleasure, explore new sensations, or literally light up your sex life, glowing condoms are the perfect accessory for Halloween (and all the time). So, why not give them a try and see where the luminous adventure takes you? Read on to explore our favorite glow in the dark condoms!

ONE Condoms Halloween Glowing Pleasures Condoms

Which Glow in the Dark Condoms Are the Best?

    If you know anything about us, you know we’re picky about our condoms, and we only settle for the best! ONE® Glowing Pleasures™ are a highly reviewed glow in the dark condom. If you’re looking to gift these glowing delights (or carry them to that haunted house that lets you in after hours), these might be the perfect choice.

    Like all ONE® Condoms, Glowing Pleasures™ are made with premium, vegan latex. They are totally nontoxic, gluten free, non-GMO, and the list goes on. They are available in 3-pack samplers as well as 36-packs for those ready for a regular romp, and their packaging makes them a perfect gift.

    Want A Discount on Glowing Condoms?

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