Happy Measure A Penis Day! - ONE®

Happy Measure A Penis Day!

Everyone’s fave holiday is here: February 1st is Measure A Penis Day. #MAPD2021 is a day to celebrate body positivity and having open conversations about penis size and condom fit. (See the latest Measure A Penis Day news here)

For people who find standard condoms are always squeezing, slipping, or just straight misbehaving — MyONE® Custom Fit Condoms allows people to find their perfect condom size from 52 size options! MyONE features 10 lengths and 9 widths, including sizes snugger and larger than any other brand. Cheers to the pleasure and confidence that awaits when a condom actually fits!

This year, we’re busting myths about condom size and bringing resources on how to have positive conversations about size. Did you know standard condoms are too long for over 91% of condom users, often resulting in slippage? Learn how to prevent condoms slipping off, here. 

On the other hand, when people say "condoms are too small for me," what they often mean is the condom is too tight. Learn why even with extra large condoms, some people experience issues like erection loss and the "red ring of death" — and how to educate people about proper condom fit.

We even put together our condom fit Dic(k)tionary, our top Frequently Asked Questions about condom size and fit, in addition to some sexy tips about talking to your partner about condom size. 

Ready to experience MyONE? Measuring with the MyONE® FitKit® is the first step to finding a better fitting condom and revolutionizing your sex life. So measure your penis—or a consenting penis in your life—to find out which one of MyONE®'s 52 condom sizes is the perfect fit. More ways to measure here

No time to measure? Check out the new Quick MyONE Samplers in the Snug, Classic and Large range. Also perfect for keeping in your night stand, wink. 

 Happy Measure A Penis Day!

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