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Revolutionizing Protection: Introducing Graphene Condoms

On the quest to make the perfect condom, we’ve grappled with ONE big question: how can we make condoms feel like they’re barely there?

From ultra thin condoms, shapes, custom fit condoms, and different materials, condom companies continue to innovate to make the perfect condom. However, people often talk about how they feel less sensation during safer sex compared to condomless sex.

The need for innovation in safer sex technology is clear, but the same question remains: how can we make condoms have that skin-on-skin feel?

Introducing Graphene

Introducing graphene, the world's first graphene

That’s where graphene comes in. This wonder material is here to break the stalemate and revolutionize how we think and feel about condoms. Used by NASA and the space industry, graphene is the strongest and thinnest material on earth (and in the sky!). 

Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms only one atom thick and structured in a honeycomb pattern. In 2004 physicists Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov discovered graphene at the University of Manchester. This research on graphene was even awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010

So what makes graphene so special? This award-winning material is both 200 times stronger than steel and 1 million times thinner than human hair. It is also the most conductive solid ever discovered. But take it from the experts at NASA, “Graphene is not just an advanced material, it is a frontier material.”

What exactly is graphene?

Graphene’s strength, flexibility, and conductivity has attracted the interest of notable investors, sparking massive innovation across industries from energy and construction to health and electronics. When it comes to condoms, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded a $100,000 grant in 2013 to the National Graphene Institute at the University of Manchester to develop materials specifically for graphene condoms. Although ONE Condoms was not directly involved in that particular project or its funding, we were inspired by this initiative, prompting our own scientists to initiate research and development on graphene condoms in 2014.

In 2015, a New York Times article said graphene is a, “‘wonder material; that could be used in everything from batteries and biosensors to computers and condoms.” And in 2018, Forbes wrote how some condom companies “have even proposed scrapping legacy materials entirely in favor of novel substances like graphene.”

Finally, the condom industry has caught on, and the first-ever condom made with graphene has arrived! ONE® Condoms is the first brand in the world to introduce graphene condoms, called ONE® Flex™.

The first ever graphene condom: ONE® Flex™

Introducing ONE Flex, the world's first graphene condom

Why make condoms with graphene?

Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel, one million times thinner than a human hair, and the most conductive solid ever discovered. When molecularly combined with latex, graphene brings its incredible properties to ONE® Flex™. ONE® Flex™ is incredibly thin, strong, flexible, and sensational. It advances pleasure by providing 85% better body heat transfer than standard latex condoms for a natural skin-on-skin feel. In a clinical trial, ONE® Flex™ was preferred 2-to-1 over standard latex condoms. 

What do you mean 85% better heat transfer?

What makes ONE® Flex™ truly exceptional is its ability to increase the transfer of body heat. Latex on its own acts as an insulator, often diminishing the exchange of body heat. Graphene is the planet's most conductive material. When latex is bonded with carbon-based graphene at the molecular level, the result is a substantial increase in body heat transfer, taking pleasure to new heights. When you feel your partner(s) warmth, you experience a closer skin-on-skin connection, which heightens pleasure, intimacy, and all the feels.

How is ONE® Flex™ different from other ultra thin condoms?

On its own, latex can only stretch so far. When combined with graphene, latex can stretch farther without feeling tighter. To meet testing requirements, thin latex condoms typically feel tighter because there’s less latex to stretch. Due to the capabilities of graphene and molecularly combining it with our thin latex formula, ONE® Flex™ are ultra thin without losing flexibility, sensation, or comfort.

ONE Flex, body and planet safe

In case we haven’t stressed it enough, ONE® Flex™ feels GOOD. In a clinical trial, users preferred ONE® Flex™ condoms 2-to-1 over standard latex condoms, demonstrating just how far the condom industry has come.

ONE® Flex™ condoms have a natural charcoal hue due to carbon-based graphene. The product is FDA-cleared for sale for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections (formerly known as sexually transmitted diseases) and unintended pregnancy, and the technological advancement is safeguarded by a patent. Moreover, all ONE® Condoms are vegan-friendly, non-GMO, made from natural rubber latex, and free from any harmful chemicals. The packaging is made from 100% recycled paper.

ONE® Flex™ condoms retail for $11.99 for a 10-count and are available now at,, and in select Walgreens stores.

The lasting impact of better sex

ONE Flex, the lasting impact of better sex

Innovating for your pleasure has always been a top priority at ONE® Condoms. Our products, programs, events, and education projects aim to uplevel sexual experiences with a focus on inclusivity and wellbeing. We believe that safer sex should feel both pleasurable and empowering, and we’re committed to providing tools and experiences with a focus on your desires. Thanks to the wonders of graphene, safer sex has never been more sensational.

During our 30+ years in business, we continue to find new ways to bring innovation to condoms and safer sex. We know from experience that pleasure and performance go hand in hand, and the world is a better place when we’re engaging in better, safer, and more sensational sex. 

We are proud to share ONE® Flex™ with you and to continue to lead the world in sexual health and pleasure innovation. Are ONE® Flex™ condoms the next best thin condoms for feeling? You tell us!

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