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Tips & Tricks For Condom Use and Pleasure!

Excited to test out your ONE® Condoms? Here are some quick tips and tricks for you to make sure that your sexual experience is as pleasurable as possible, with the peace of mind of knowing that you are practicing safer sex: 

Check the expiration before your sexploration

Believe it or not, all good things must come to an end, and even your ONE® Condoms will eventually expire. Why does this matter? Over time, the latex in condoms will break down and can increase the risk of condom failure. Before going any further, make sure that you are using a condom that is not expired. Condoms have a 5-year shelf life from the date they were manufactured. 

No teeth, please! 

Think tearing open a condom with your teeth to impress your partner in the heat of the moment will get you style points? Maybe! But it can also cause damage to the condom itself. Skip the showy unwrapping, and carefully open the condom wrapper at its serrated edge with your two index fingers.

This side up 

Once you’ve opened your condom, you’ll want to make sure that you are putting it on correctly. It should fit like a hat, not like a shower cap. If you accidentally start to put the condom on the wrong way, you’ll want to throw it out and start again.

 A drip in the tip

One little-known tip (pun intended) to ensure an enjoyable sexual experience is to add a tiny drop of lubricant into the tip of the condom before putting it on. The wetness of the lube can enhance the sensation and make for a smooth and slippery feel without risking slippage. You’ll want to make sure you use a water-based, silicone-based or a hybrid lube option that is compatible with latex condoms, which means avoiding lotions, Vaseline, and other oil-based products (which can cause condoms to tear). Check out our premium variety of personal lubricants here!

Just a pinch, then rock n’ roll!

When putting the condom on, you’ll want to pinch the reservoir tip and then roll the condom down the full length of your erection. By rolling the condom down to properly fit, you will also reduce the risk of the transmission of sexually transmitted infections through skin to skin contact. 

Lube is your friend

Did we mention how much we love lube? Lube is versatile, functional, and can enhance your experience! Better yet, when applied to condoms, it can reduce friction and help avoid the condom from breaking during use. Even better still, we have some premium lube available for purchase here on our site. Don’t be shy!

Looking for a better fit?

Did you know ONE® Condoms now has an extension of the brand called myONE® with 60 different condom sizes? That's 10 different lengths and 9 different widths (60 combinations of those). If you've struggled with standard condom sizes not fitting right, get to measuring and get your sample kit at! Many people struggle with standard condoms either slipping off (too long or loose) or causing erection loss or purple rings on their penis (because condoms are too tight or small). 

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