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We're All In This Together: Meet Emily Gay and Her Condom Fit Guidebook

We at ONE believe in the power of conservation and connection. Committed to leading by example, we are constantly interacting with our customers, fellow sex enthusiasts, and industry leaders to create a world where safer sex conversations are just as common as wearing a seat belt.

We are thrilled to announce our newest collaboration with brand friend and sexual health educator Emily Gay. Over the past few months, we’ve worked together to create a new, comprehensive resource for our customers to learn about condom fit (one of our favorite subjects). Emily shares our passion for helping people find a condom that fits well, works as intended, and empowers them in their sexual pursuits.

You can purchase and download our collaborative guidebook How to: The Guide to All Things Condoms! on Emily’s website. Keep reading to learn more about the woman behind the magic in our Q&A-style interview.

Who is Emily?

Hi! My name is Emily. I’m a Sexuality Educator who started a business to provide adults with an in-depth sexuality education to help them lead a fulfilling and empowered sex life as well as develop a positive and healthy relationship toward sexuality.

What drew you to a career in the sexual health space?

After obtaining my degree, I began working towards becoming a Birth Doula. This experience enlightened me to the inadequate knowledge people have about their own bodies. I also recognized the importance of positive communication and support. As they are both crucial components of a healthy and long-lasting relationship. This led me to take a sexuality class as a way to help boost my anatomy knowledge and I fell in love with the studying of sexuality education.

What is your favorite part of what you do?

My favorite part of what I do is getting to witness people’s transformations. Many clients come to me when they feel as if they are at a dead end in their sex life and through education I get to watch them come alive again as they discover the beauty of passion, desire and intimacy.

What does a typical “day in the life” as a sexual health educator look like for you?

I started my own business that runs fully online. Each day is a bit different, which keeps me stimulated to try new things. Days are filled with online sessions with clients, researching new topics for social media or heading out for meetings with different brands. Having my own business gives me the creative independence to shape it how I see fit.


About Our Partnership

What first drove you to want to write about custom condom size?

As a Sexuality Educator I get questions about condom sizing all the time and why condoms never seem to fit correctly. Many people find condoms more of a hassle than a help. So, I started a deep dive into condom sizing and found that ONE Condoms is the only brand to offer such diverse sizes, allowing everyone to find their perfect fit.

How were you introduced to the MyONE brand?

On a trip to Planned Parenthood in LA, they handed me a goodie bag filled with condoms on my way out. Not just any condoms, but MyONE! I found that not only did the condoms have cute designs on their packaging but they also had a big range in size which I had never seen before.

Can you share a little bit about why you believe in our mission to provide a condom size for everyone?

Everyone deserves pleasure and safety, and a properly fitting condom allows for both! Providing a condom size for everyone is a sex-positive way to promote safer sex as well as be inclusive and non-shaming.

What do you look for in a sexual health brand?
  1. The brand cares about its customers and is as inclusive as possible
  2. The brand only carries the best quality products and always strives to deliver the best 
  3. The brand should care both about its community and the planet


Just For Fun!

What is your favorite sex-related media content you're consuming right now?

I am a huge fan of anyone who can make educational content actually fun to consume and right now Nadya Okamoto is my girl. She co-owns a period care company and has found a way to make period care engaging and fun. For example, she has a few videos where she is putting in a tampon (you can’t see anything) but I still found it to be a creative way to help destigmatize menstruation.

What’s your number one pet peeve in the sexual health space?

My biggest pet peeve in the sexual health space is when people bring in their negative biases. Since sexuality and sex unfortunately already have so much stigma and shame, there is no need for more yuck. We need to try to be accepting of things that are not our norms and inclusive so that people can feel safe being themselves. More Yum!

Any final advice for people reading the guidebook and exploring custom-fit condoms for the first time?

Use the guidebook as you might use a journal, allowing it to spark your curiosity about the world of sex, desire, and pleasure. Take the time to both educate yourself and get excited about what the right-fitting condom could enhance in your life. And know that while this topic is one that may feel uncomfortable, it is your right to have a fulfilling sex life.


We are so excited to work with Emily and continue helping customers find their perfect condom fit. For more information on finding your perfect fit, check How to: The Guide to All Things Condoms!

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